Gratitude – Part 2

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if you do a split of my posts, they can get equally split between Marketing, Financial independence, Human Mind & Performance, Charity / Karma / Gratitude.

I have mentioned multiple times that when I am feeling low, I decide to go and do charity. It gives me a high of a different kind. This is something which I seriously started doing when I heard Joe Polish on his podcast He had other ideas also about things which you can do when you are feeling low and don’t even have the money to do charity.

While continuing reading the book The Art of Impossible by Steven Kotler, I realised that the human performance is very strongly linked to the human mind – nothing new here, but what was surprise was the scientific reason behind why gratitude or doing good for others helps improve performance.

As per the research which Steven talks about – gratitude trains the brain on looking at the positive things, for which you are thankful. The brain is otherwise seasoned to look for things which can ham us, so that it can protect us. When you are in the state of gratitude , the negative things which can harm us, get filtered out by the brain automatically. When the negative things are filtered out, there is reduced fear. Once that happens you automatically get into a good mood and you feel happy.

When we are in a good mood, we feel safe and secure. When we feel safe and secure, our mind is willing to wander and think. Due to this your creativity also gets enhanced. To get into the more technical details of how the neurobiology and neurochemistry work I would highly recommend reading his book.

Coming back to where I started this post, while I was splitting the Human Mind & Performance , from Charity / Gratitude / Karma, it seems from the research that Steven has done that actually these help improve the performance of the human mind.

So actually my blog posts then, have a skew towards the human mind and performance compared to other areas of marketing and finance. This is interesting.

While I have always had an inclination to continuously find ways to improve myself, I had never actually taken the rigorous analysis that Steven has done on improving myself.

Tell me what do you enjoy more – my posts on marketing, financial independence or human performance.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!


Energy, peak Performance

This a big big motherhood statement. It can have completely different connotations for different people.

Einstein created such an elegant equation E=mc^2 which looks at the physical form of how mass can be converted into energy. I am not sure though if we have yet figured out a way to verify the other side of the equation to convert energy into mass. All those of my vintage would remember the English serial Star Trek and Captain Kirk & Mr Spock. They had used the same concept of mass and energy to transport people without physically landing their space craft.

In Indian mythology there’s a special place for the Goddess “SHAKTI” or her various forms in the formation of the universe.

My idea of writing this post however was a little different. Today I was listening to a discussion of Jay Abraham and Paul Adamson of Oyster Yachts.

When he was summarizing the discussion the top 3 skills he listed was Energy, Influence and Flexibility.

Its very rare that people rate energy as one of the top 3 and he put it at number one.

I rate energy as a key factor for success. Energy is what let’s you hit Peak Performance on a consistent basis.

I have written earlier about various experiments that I have done with breathing techniques and Yoga to help improve my energy levels. I have also written about how I am changing my food habits to eliminate white sugar from my diet to increase my energy levels.

Anyone’s performance comes down when they don’t have energy. But they still hurt their body by eating food high in sugar and carbohydrates that drains energy after the initial high.

Another activity – I used to drink about 6-7 cups of coffee in a day. I have brought it down to only two. I am working to eliminate at least one more cup. Its helped reduce my acidity and also the fluctuations in my energy.

I would love to hear from you on your efforts to improve sustained energy levels.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!