Lead magnets…..different medium….different possibilities

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Marketing is applied psychology. So you need to figure out the strengths of each medium and blend it with human psychology to help you get leads.

In my earlier posts I have written about different physical and electronic media for generating leads. Today we will limit to seeing how you can utilize electronic media.

One of the key things about Google (including YouTube) paid search and to some extent Facebook paid search is the fact that if you can master them, you can can have the equivalent of thousands of sales people working for you, whenever someone is searching for something similar to what you offer.

So while you might show up because of the PPC, how do you ensure that people click on your advertisement first and then leave their email id, so that you can keep marketing to them in the future.

This is where the challenge starts. With PPC, if you have some smart people, you can get your advertisement to show up at a reasonable cost. But there’s no point if they come to your site and leave without giving you their email address. Then your advertisement has been wasted.

One simple way which I have tested after listening to Joe Polish and Dean Jackson on thir Ilovemarketing.com podcast is offering relevant reports. Why this works is that human beings are gatherers/ collectors. So when you are offering something which the person can collect right now and consume whenever they want, they tend to give their email ids.

Right now I have seen that offering this lead magnet using this psychology has worked on getting about 10 email ids a week. I am now working on seeing how to scale it up to see if I can take it to a about a hundred a week….Will keep you posted.

I would suggest mean time if you’ll can also try and give me feedback, in the comments section below, on your success or failure with this.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

Coaching – for changing the growth trajectory

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While I talk about a lot of things related to marketing, I also get stumped quite often on some problems. It’s good to know, what you don’t know or where you need assistance. A lot of times our ego does not allow us to confess that we also have limitations.

I learnt this lesson in college when I was doing my engineering studies. I did not understand the subject of Engineering Drawing and I failed badly. I was about to give up, but my elder brother insisted that I undertake coaching. With the coaching I liked the subject so much and took to the subject like fish to water.

Multiple times I have seen that a coach can change the speed and trajectory of your growth by solving the challenges, much quicker than if you had to solve them yourselves. This is not to say that I have not been headstrong in trying to solve problems myself and wasted a lot of time on it.

In addition sometimes the environment that you live or work in limits your thinking patterns. Sometimes you need to break through those patterns. A coach can help you achieve that because she is seeing things from “outside-in” for the things which you are seeing “inside-out”.

That’s where from time to time, I take coaching and / or also keenly follow the blogs/podcasts/videos of people like Jay Abraham, Joe Polish and Dean Jackson. Each coach has a different style of functioning and you need to see with whose thinking you resonate. This is important because if you try to follow or take coaching from too many people, you will end up completely confused.

While all coaches may be good, you need to find the one who is “Good for You”. Here I am mean both commercially and at your brain level. I need a coach who can explain to me in simple terms what are the possibilities. So someone who may be conceptually strong in solving problems, but can’t explain to me, doesn’t work for me.

Till next time then ….. climb higher with the help of a coach.

Carpe Diem!!!

Being Relentless – a Marketing discipline

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Relentless is an adjective.

Synonyms – Persistent, Non-Stop, Continuous…

An adjective qualifies the noun – grade 5 English grammar course. In this case, the noun is going to be a person. A relentless person a persistent person is how this will be used.

So what is the significance of this English grammar lesson for today’s post.

The other day in one of the posts I mentioned about the I love marketing podcast episode with Chris Voss and I explained why I admired him because of his usage of of words.

With a background in hostage negotiation you have to be careful with your words and the words should have the the exact Nuance of what is being thought by the speaker. That is one of the reasons why his vocabulary is so good.

During the podcast, one of the questions asked to him was on the launch of his book, in 2017 I think, and how he went about promoting it.

One word that he mentioned which immediately stuck in my head was the fact that he was RELENTLESS in ensuring that he was on two interviews a week at the minimum, to promote his book which he is doing to this day.

While the book – Never Split the Difference – is very good, but if people don’t come to know about the book they will not go and buy it. It’s a terrific lesson in marketing from a hostage negotiator. If you keep yourself aware you can get marketing lessons even from the small kiosk on the kerb.

We may have a terrific product or a terrific service but if people do not come to know about it then people will not buy it.

In one word Chris had put out such a big strategy for marketing

Everyone knows about Coke. But they relentlessly advertise about their product so that when you visit the shop or restaurant and you are thirsty the first word which comes out of your mouth is a Coke.

Everyday in marketing and I include sales as part of marketing, if you are not somehow reaching more and more customers everyday , by some mechanism , you will not be able to build a sustainable pipeline and a predictable business.

You need not be brilliant, you need not be teriffic , but if you want to succeed you have to be relentless, persistent et al.

Till next time

Carpe Diem!!!

Being prolific – start with your first step

Consistency, prolific

Evan Carmichael has had over 300m views on his YouTube channel and has made more than 10000 videos.

I keep writing about how it is more important to be prolific than perfect (a statement which I took from Joe Polish)

Evan started making these videos from 2009. So in less than thirteen years he’s made more than ten thousand videos or close to about 900 videos a year or 3 videos a day assuming he was taking one day off.

Now that is what prolific is. Due to that, today he has more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube itself.

I do know that he’s also an author but I don’t know if he’s got got other social media channels on other platforms.

There’s a positive feedback loop which gets created when you reach a critical mass. Evan himself mentions that in the first 5 years, since he started posting videos on YouTube, he had only 5000 subscribers and then in the next 5 years he crossed two million. Obviously he must have taken other steps as he learnt the game, to become better and better.

But you can’t become prolific if you don’t start with your first step. In the first two years of this blog, I found it difficult to post 52 posts, but subsequently I got into the rhythm and today I have been able to cross more than 400 posts. Not all posts are great. But the fact is that I don’t let perfect come in the way of being prolific.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!