Refined sugar – the biggest poison

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Today my post is short, even though the topic is quite dense. I am not a medical doctor, nor am I a nutrionist, so I will only give you some very short pointers. If you can also research yourself and reduce your consumption of direct and indirect sources of refined sugar then in the long run it will be tremendous.

My father in the early 90s had started warning me about the ill effects of refined sugar and the long term impacts of its usage on the different organs including the brain.

When we are young we don’t actually realise all the impact of this advice.

As I started getting a little older, I realised whenever I was in the US and had breakfast included with my room, I used to end up eating a lot of pancakes with maple syrup, doughnuts and all the possible sugary items. After that I used to get such a drop in my energy level in a couple of hours, that I wanted to just drop on the bed.

So I started avoid getting rooms with breakfast and rather started going to the local Subway to have a large sandwich with coffee.

Today with recent research its becoming more and more clear that refined sugar is not only a cause of diabetes which is the root cause of a lot of other ailments but also a cause of dementia and other brain related diseases. If we are going to be living longer but our brain is going to deteriorate we will end up being a vegetable. That’s a very scary situation for me.

I now have a target on myself to not take more than 2 tablespoons of sugar directly or indirectly every day. I used to love sweets and chocolates. So initially this did hurt me quite a bit. But I have consistently improved.

Today if I have a milk chocolate in the night (my preferred time for eating sweets was after dinner) then I get up feeling groggy. I don’t know the reason for this but high carb diets in the nights also now make me get up groggy.

I have moved to having more jaggery which has a low glycemic index and dark chocolates with more than 55% cocoa. Lets see how much further I can reduce the sugar intake.

Have you experimented with reducing your intake of refined sugar. What have been the benefits you have observed. I will love to hear your comments

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Irrational Confidence – II

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In my last post of the same title, I had referred about my own near death experiences.

I urge you also to keep an attitude of “things will work out fine” if God gives you even a 5% chance. These are depressing times with so many people falling sick to the pandemic and people being locked up in their homes. If my real life experiences can help one person become better then it would be a mission accomplished.

Let me give you another example where I stuck to a glimmer of hope for more than 8 weeks. In 2010 my mother-in-law had to be admitted to the hospital with very low Oxygen levels and was put on a ventilator and life support systems in the ICU. For first few days the doctors kept doing various tests to figure out the issues and kept changing the treatments. However after week two of being on the ventilator & life support systems, the doctors started to give up. After the third week on the ventilator they started telling my wife that they don’t expect any change to take place and so we should remove her from the ventilator and let her pass away. However I was steadfast in my view that till she is responding to our speaking we will not remove her from the ventilator & life support systems.

I told my wife and son that everyday we would go and speak in her ear positive ideas of how we were expecting her to comeback home and what we would do after that. To cut the long story short after 6 weeks she was “off” the ventilator and other life support systems and was moved to just a “bipapp” an air pushing machine. Another 2 weeks in the hospital and she was back home. She lived a full life for 3 more years after that. Even the doctors thought it was a miracle.

During those 6 weeks when the doctors would mention that there was no point in keeping her on the life support systems I would sometimes think if I was doing the right thing by giving her the pain of all the machines being attached to her. But on the other hand I also had the view that if God wanted to take her away He would. I was no one to pre-empt the decision. As far as I was concerned if she was willing to live then I needed to ensure she gets a chance to live.

Again the same 5% possibility thinking made me take the decision. You could again think of it as Irrational Confidence that I had. I would look at it more that God gave me the 5% chance and I worked to support and give the mental strength to make it happen,

In your life you will come across a lot of situations where you may think of giving up. But even if you have a 5% chance, my view would be that you should take it. If you get through you will grow yourself tremendously and also have a lot of stories to tell. After all life is all about the experiences you make.

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I have been crying hoarse over so many blog posts on the fact that if you invest even very small amounts on a consistent basis, the law of compounding will play its role and you will end up with very large sums of money over a long period of time. For compounding to work you need to things – a long runway and high frequency / rate of interest.

I have heard a lot of speakers talk about massive action, lots of action to move ahead in life, to change behaviors. Frankly for me to change my habits has been tough.

I have written earlier about this book by B. J. Fogg called Tiny Habits where he has this formula B=MAP for creating major behavioral changes.

If you are like me who cannot keep being motivated 36 hours after hearing a Motivational speaker, and you would like to bring about changes in your life, then this book is a must read for you.

I have used ideas in this book and after 3 + months of using the methods in the book, I have definitely been able to make a lot of changes in my behavior.

But the bigger thing I realised that this method which B.J.Fogg has devised actually works on the law of compounding with small changes being done over a period of time resulting in massive changes over a long period. And unlike the resistance your brain gives to doing one massive change, small changes fall below the radar of the resistance of your brain.

The key is consistency – every day trying to get the ball into the basket – one basket at a time

Read this book. Try out his ideas and let me know your views.

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Unfinished tasks – source of stress

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When I used to do Yoga earlier I had one major problem. Not sure if you have tried concentrating on something and you kept having thoughts continuously take you in a different direction.

I had thought Yoga would help me improve my concentration but my brain would keep hijacking me and I was never able to understand how people see so many benefits of doing Yoga and meditation.

And then I was reading Hyperfocus and Deep Work – two books with an agenda to improve productivity – that’s when the Zeigarnik effect came back into focus. I have written about this effect in a couple of posts earlier also. Due to this the brain keeps coming back and reminds you that a task needs to be closed.

Now when I would do Yoga, all the pending tasks would come right in front.

So a simple solution – instead of trying hard to concentrate and suppress the thoughts, I have started carrying my phone or a sticky note pad with me. The moment a thought starts flashing I write it down on paper or on my to do list on the phone.

So now since my brain knows that I have written it somewhere to take action, it stops trying to remind me for that period of time. Then I do my Yoga peacefully.

Next I make it a practice to strike of the items which I have completed. This action of physically striking of the item tells my brain that it does not need to anymore do the job of reminding me. This also has helped me feel less stressed overall.

There’s one habit which Tony Robbins speaks about bunching tasks after you have made lists and Dan Sullivan talks about eliminating all the irritating tasks. I have still not been able to master them.

As I do, I will let you know of the results.

If you find this method worthwhile do let me know in the comments section

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