Refined sugar – the biggest poison

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Today my post is short, even though the topic is quite dense. I am not a medical doctor, nor am I a nutrionist, so I will only give you some very short pointers. If you can also research yourself and reduce your consumption of direct and indirect sources of refined sugar then in the long run it will be tremendous.

My father in the early 90s had started warning me about the ill effects of refined sugar and the long term impacts of its usage on the different organs including the brain.

When we are young we don’t actually realise all the impact of this advice.

As I started getting a little older, I realised whenever I was in the US and had breakfast included with my room, I used to end up eating a lot of pancakes with maple syrup, doughnuts and all the possible sugary items. After that I used to get such a drop in my energy level in a couple of hours, that I wanted to just drop on the bed.

So I started avoid getting rooms with breakfast and rather started going to the local Subway to have a large sandwich with coffee.

Today with recent research its becoming more and more clear that refined sugar is not only a cause of diabetes which is the root cause of a lot of other ailments but also a cause of dementia and other brain related diseases. If we are going to be living longer but our brain is going to deteriorate we will end up being a vegetable. That’s a very scary situation for me.

I now have a target on myself to not take more than 2 tablespoons of sugar directly or indirectly every day. I used to love sweets and chocolates. So initially this did hurt me quite a bit. But I have consistently improved.

Today if I have a milk chocolate in the night (my preferred time for eating sweets was after dinner) then I get up feeling groggy. I don’t know the reason for this but high carb diets in the nights also now make me get up groggy.

I have moved to having more jaggery which has a low glycemic index and dark chocolates with more than 55% cocoa. Lets see how much further I can reduce the sugar intake.

Have you experimented with reducing your intake of refined sugar. What have been the benefits you have observed. I will love to hear your comments

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Carpe Diem!!!

Evolution – the gradual development

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Yesterday I was listening to the I Love Marketing podcast episode#387 ( . If you are in any way connected to marketing, this is by far one of the best podcasts. Joe Polish and Dean Jackson give a ton of information absolutely free. Incidentally Dean Jackson also runs another podcast called More Cheese Less Whiskers and Joe has another one with Dan Sullivan called the 10X talk. All three highly recommended.

During the Q&A in this podcast while giving an answer, Joe spoke about how people first master a big pain and then when they are able to master one, they evolve and master another one and so on. So what starts as a specific issue to be mastered by an individual then becomes sharable with an audience. Then as the person becomes successful with one set of pain points he starts working on the other areas and improves there and then shares that. As per them most of the genuine personal development people actually have evolved this way.

Come to think of it, if you have been reading my blog, it has all been about the challenges I faced initially with my finances. As the years passed and I became more and more enthralled with the idea of compounding, I started sharing my life lessons on this blog. I have been a big proponent of starting small and letting the magic of compounding play its role. How even being able to carve out small amounts could help you get out of the financial mess towards financial freedom. I have shared the 100s of books I have read on the subject and even given out key ideas for everyone to work with

As I evolved from that level I started focusing on my abilities to read more and retain more, improve my health and other things.

Coincidentally I wrote in my blog a couple of weeks back, before I had heard this podcast, that my blog is going to now be talking about multiple things instead of just financial freedom/independence.

So I think I am on the right track in my own evolution and in sharing my journey with you folks.

Let me know your views.

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