Force multiplier effect of Riding the Elephant

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While I keep writing about this concept, I am amazed myself by the amount of benefits that “riding the elephant” can have for you, if you nurture the elephant well. The elephant is very loyal and friendly creature if you take care of it and feed it with bananas. But if angered it also tends to go o a rampage and destroy things.

So if you nurture the elephant then while you can take 5 small steps, it can take one large one, so if you are riding it, you can cover a larger distance through the forest versus on foot. Also other wild animals won’t attack you when you riding the elephant.

Some of this is also true with hitching your bandwagon with a large partner (like an OEM) your market reach expands at an amazing speed. These large companies have massive growth agendas so they have big plans to execute and go out in the market. Once they start trusting you they will also take you along with them. You will need to do networking within these companies. Being large it is difficult to navigate through the matrix structure, but if you are determined, and take affirmative action you will be able to find your way. It may take time, so you need to have marketing stamina to last in the market.

As a small company you may not have the bandwidth to fund that kind of a growth, but with the help of the partner you can actually get the volume of business to fund your growth.

There’s once challenge though. Since the partner wants to grow rapidly they will expect you to comply with their demands in terms of the margins you make. These situations you have to manage delicately. What can help is knowing the life time value of a customer. So you know how you will make money from the customer in the long term.

If you know how to manage relationships, this is one of the best ways to grow your business.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

Two milestones for this blog

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I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who read my posts and follow my blog. I hit two milestones in the last few days. The first one I crossed 400 posts total and the second one is that I have written one post everyday for the last 200 days.

One of the main reasons that I have been able to achieve this milestone is that you read my posts. I am grateful.

I talk about the the first step or just one step etc. Just so that all of you , who have started following my blog recently, understand where I have come from, I took the first step to writing my blog in 2017. There were a lot of start and stops. I thought I had to be an amazing writer with deep facts. Those were all the items my brain was showing resistance (creating fear) to do work for writing the posts.

Initial couple of years, I let the resistance overrule me and I put up posts only once in a while. After that I heard Joe Polish multiple times talk about being prolific versus being perfect. I slowly started putting up the posts a daily basis. these were typically short posts so that I didn’t have to have too much mental load of making a perfect post. The idea was that you could read this post on your mobile / tablet while waiting in the line for your coffee.

I have tried to maintain that style. Rarely are my posts longer than -3 minutes read and I try to give out the core message within that timeframe.

Whether its getting your marketing right or your financial independence, or your health – the 3 key themes I write about – just start, like I have. Once you start the momentum eventually carries you through. Today I feel incomplete if I don’t spend the 45-60 min to write a post for you.

Till next time …. for our next milestone

Carpe Diem!!!

Just take your first step to financial independence – Part 2

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We do a lot of mental rumination on how much we need when we retire, or how much we need to buy our house. I have been through all of this.

You can read a lot of blog posts like this one, you can read a lot of books, you can watch a lot of videos to start someday. All of this is like getting tourist information (I read this term in Tripp Lanier’s book – This book will make you dangerous:The Irreverent guide for men who refuse to settle – and I just had to use it)

You need to take your first step and get started with the investment. You may make mistakes, so learn from them. Start with investing small amounts so that even if you make a mistake, the loss is not much. Get an advisor who can help you. But start somewhere.

Its only when you start something that you hope to have something in the future. Otherwise you will only keep doing your mental rumination and not achieve anything.

Taking the first step will be the toughest , but once you start don’t let the momentum go. Keep taking one step after another. Once you learn about one investment, check out another and start your journey over there as well.

Till next time then….take action.

Carpe Diem!!!

You just said YES – You just said NO

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On my smart phone, I used to be inundated with different kinds of pings every few minutes. Initially they were all sound and visual alerts.

Now I have these two bad habits. One I get distracted extremely easily and two I keep saying Yes a lot. I think the second one has to do more because of my stupid EGO. Anytime someone talks about how valuable my input is, I end up saying yes. With Alerts on your cellphone its a double whammy.

The Alerts first of all disturb you and take your attention away from whatever you were doing and second , quite a few times you end up reading the message the alert is showing (which means you are saying yes to reading the message) because it seems to be something important.

About three weeks back or a little more, I read the book Indistractable by Nir Eyal. One of the things with all these Apps that you use on the phone is that the moment you down load an App, by default the settings allow Alerts to appear. Initially there’s one App , then another and then there are another 20 and all of them are pinging you. You don’t realise the damage these innocuous things cause.

Coming back to the book, Indistractable, Nir, simply asked to go to the settings and to switch off the alerts. It took me less than 3 minutes to switch them off – if you. know where to go and do it. Initially for the first few days I was very anxious that I might miss out on something important when the phone didn’t ping.Over a period of the next one week, I got used to my phone not ringing. Now I watch for my SMSes or WhatsApp messages every 3-4 hours. Nothing before that. For some specific sender’s, I have got the alerts still active, but of rat e rest its gone.

What I realised was that each time I saw my phone , I got pulled into something or the other and then before I know, I have already spent another 10-15 minutes on non-essential activities.

Each time I was saying YES to looking at the alert and then the news and then something else, I was saying NO to my concentration, I was saying NO to finish what was important rather than what was urgent for someone else.

This doesn’t mean I have become super effective. Hardly. But this has taught me to start eliminating as many things which cause me to say YES to things which are so called urgent.

At the end of the day, you are, the results you produce. If you end up saying YES to these unnecessary items, you will end up saying NO to getting your results. You will not be able to chase your dreams because you will end up chasing multiple rabbits going in all directions.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!