The tide will turn – once again

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I had written a post similar to this about 8-9 months At that time we did not have the Covid vaccine. This time we have but still these are crazy times. When you hear thousands of people dying everyday, in the news, it’s natural to feel dreadful about your personal future. You can be fearful or you can be hopeful its a choice that you make everyday.

However history has had various events and the human race has adapted and come back stronger always. Whether these have been related to hurricanes or the plague the human spirit has always ensured that we survive. Eventhough across the world millions are getting vaccinated everyday, the virus is also become smarter and is mutating even more viciously. Let’s ensure that we maintain social distancing and bring down the compounded daily growth rate of the virus.

The tide will turn – Always

So during this time you could see all the problems, you could binge on watching movies and serials on TV and feel even more depressed.

Or you could think of what else you can do to brighten your future. This is not about just positive attitude. Its about affirmative action. The surfer takes advantage of the tide to get his momentum, the airplane takes advantage of the air resistance to fly.

Get prepared while you are locked down so that you can be stronger to face the future. Get trained – there are so many universities offering free courses. Or get trained on products – so many consultants, OEMs are offering free training.

We have a bright future ahead, let this “reset” time that nature has given us, not go waste.

Carpe Diem !!!

Eradicating the Writer’s block

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For all of you who have been reading my blog posts over the last two – three years,  you would have noticed that I used to disappear from writing for months on end.

I would keep contemplating forever for the perfect piece, for the perfect English,  for the perfect graphs.

Which ended up me not writing anything.  And I used to feel lousy also because I was not writing.

Today again I was feeling the same situation.  I  had a very long day in office and I was exhausted.

But then 2 things came to my mind which I have been following over the last 2-3 months.

These are 2 pieces of advice.

One is from Joe Polish who says being prolific is more important than being proficient.  If you will practice enough you will automatically become more proficient- something in line with the 10000 hour rule for mastering any skill.

The second piece of advice came from Russell Brunson in his book Traffic Secrets.  He quotes Gary Vaynerchuk in the book, on how he’s built such a huge following. What struck me as critical was his comment about “thinking like a reporter” who has to put just one news report everyday.

I have taken this to heart and started writing these quick posts which you can read while standing in a line at Starbucks or while your sandwich is getting ready at Subway.

How this has helped me is that it has eliminated the pressure on me to write the perfect piece. Instead now I write about whatever is going on with me during the day or on whatever I am working. Also because I am writing consistently, it has improved my confidence, my brain now resists less, and it is on the way to forming a habit.

I would suggest the same for any activity, be relentless, be prolific, do the small things continuously and they will become a habit.

Till next time

Carpe Diem!!!

Irrational Confidence – II

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In my last post of the same title, I had referred about my own near death experiences.

I urge you also to keep an attitude of “things will work out fine” if God gives you even a 5% chance. These are depressing times with so many people falling sick to the pandemic and people being locked up in their homes. If my real life experiences can help one person become better then it would be a mission accomplished.

Let me give you another example where I stuck to a glimmer of hope for more than 8 weeks. In 2010 my mother-in-law had to be admitted to the hospital with very low Oxygen levels and was put on a ventilator and life support systems in the ICU. For first few days the doctors kept doing various tests to figure out the issues and kept changing the treatments. However after week two of being on the ventilator & life support systems, the doctors started to give up. After the third week on the ventilator they started telling my wife that they don’t expect any change to take place and so we should remove her from the ventilator and let her pass away. However I was steadfast in my view that till she is responding to our speaking we will not remove her from the ventilator & life support systems.

I told my wife and son that everyday we would go and speak in her ear positive ideas of how we were expecting her to comeback home and what we would do after that. To cut the long story short after 6 weeks she was “off” the ventilator and other life support systems and was moved to just a “bipapp” an air pushing machine. Another 2 weeks in the hospital and she was back home. She lived a full life for 3 more years after that. Even the doctors thought it was a miracle.

During those 6 weeks when the doctors would mention that there was no point in keeping her on the life support systems I would sometimes think if I was doing the right thing by giving her the pain of all the machines being attached to her. But on the other hand I also had the view that if God wanted to take her away He would. I was no one to pre-empt the decision. As far as I was concerned if she was willing to live then I needed to ensure she gets a chance to live.

Again the same 5% possibility thinking made me take the decision. You could again think of it as Irrational Confidence that I had. I would look at it more that God gave me the 5% chance and I worked to support and give the mental strength to make it happen,

In your life you will come across a lot of situations where you may think of giving up. But even if you have a 5% chance, my view would be that you should take it. If you get through you will grow yourself tremendously and also have a lot of stories to tell. After all life is all about the experiences you make.

Till next time

Carpe Diem!!!

Irrational Confidence

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On July 18 2008, I was travelling from Bangalore to Delhi. I had boarded a flight in the evening at about 7 PM. I remember boarding the aircraft and sitting on my aisle seat while a young boy came on the window seat. The center seat was vacant. Subsequent to that the stewardess came with tetrapack juice and I took it. That’s the last I remember. After which I remember the hospital ICU and 4 days had passed.

I had 12 seizures within a matter of about 30 minutes with a average length of each seizure about 40 seconds long. As per doctors I was dead for about 4 odd minutes before they could revive me. As per doctors it was a miracle that I survived and that my brain was about 40% dead because of the lack of Oxygen during those 30 minutes.

Whenever I tell this story everyone gets emotional and there are whole lot of side stories related to how my family coped with the situation and how my office colleagues were so supportive during those times.

Today I was hearing Hal Elrod’s story – yes he’s the author of the Miracle Morning series – on the I Love Marketing podcast. And he spoke about how he was dead for about 6 minutes before they were able to revive him. That discussion brought my story back to me.

Now during that phase, I am sure my family and my friends and colleagues went through a lot of turmoil. For the next 6 months there was a lot of medical visits and admission in the hospitals , MRIs etc. which I had to go through. But through all of it I was clear that I am going to be fine inspite of the doctors and my wife being scared like hell.

I found the same emotion in Hal and the story immediately resonated with me. One of the things which came out in the discussion on the podcast, was a term which Dean Jackson mentioned “Irrational Confidence”. While I always have had the belief that even if you give me a 5% chance that things will turn out well, I will take that chance and run. But this term actually explained my beliefs so well. What most people think is irrational, I have the confidence that things will work out eventually and I believe God does everything for my good… there must be a learning and once I get the learning, I will be on my way.

Another incident – In 2015 a complete disk came out of my spine after an accident…..I was bedridden for more than 6 months…but I was not in the mode of why did this happen to me…..again I took that time to learn a lot of things especially on the investment side. I was determined to walk again and live life. So again “Irrational Confidence….”

So why these 2 stories. Life throws curve balls all the time sometimes it’s Covid, sometimes its accidents but instead of getting depressed or the typical “why me” .

Life is meant to be lived instead of sulking get up take affirmative action and move forward. Its not going to be easy. But once you come out of that phase, you will look back and be proud of yourself.

Till next time…

Carpe Diem