Refined white sugar is not the deadliest poison…corn syrup is as much

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On 24th Jan this year I had written a post on how refined white sugar is such a major issue causing major issues. As I had written in that post also, I have been trying experiments on myself on eliminating white sugar from my diet. I am not talking of overall carbs,  just white sugar.

What I have noticed now after so many months of minimal white sugar,  that the day I  have sugar laden items like chocolate or cakes etc. I become lethargic.  Especially if I have them in the night, my next morning is miserable.

Most of us Indians have a sweet tooth, so we like to eat sweets after every meal or atleast once a day.

Now the latest reports that I  am seeing talk about people putting corn syrup in making sweets because it’s even cheaper than sugar in India even though it’s imported .

Now corn syrup is actually increasing your weight because it goes to the liver very fast and gets converted into fat.

So now not only are Indians having more cases of diabetes, they are also more obese than ever before. So while Covid is a pandemic which is visible and causes immediate impact, diabetes and obesity are slowly causing major health challenges which cause long term devastation.

So now not only do you need to monitor the amount of sugar in a food product but also the amount of corn syrup and fructose.

Till next time then….stay healthy.

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Refined sugar – the biggest poison

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Today my post is short, even though the topic is quite dense. I am not a medical doctor, nor am I a nutrionist, so I will only give you some very short pointers. If you can also research yourself and reduce your consumption of direct and indirect sources of refined sugar then in the long run it will be tremendous.

My father in the early 90s had started warning me about the ill effects of refined sugar and the long term impacts of its usage on the different organs including the brain.

When we are young we don’t actually realise all the impact of this advice.

As I started getting a little older, I realised whenever I was in the US and had breakfast included with my room, I used to end up eating a lot of pancakes with maple syrup, doughnuts and all the possible sugary items. After that I used to get such a drop in my energy level in a couple of hours, that I wanted to just drop on the bed.

So I started avoid getting rooms with breakfast and rather started going to the local Subway to have a large sandwich with coffee.

Today with recent research its becoming more and more clear that refined sugar is not only a cause of diabetes which is the root cause of a lot of other ailments but also a cause of dementia and other brain related diseases. If we are going to be living longer but our brain is going to deteriorate we will end up being a vegetable. That’s a very scary situation for me.

I now have a target on myself to not take more than 2 tablespoons of sugar directly or indirectly every day. I used to love sweets and chocolates. So initially this did hurt me quite a bit. But I have consistently improved.

Today if I have a milk chocolate in the night (my preferred time for eating sweets was after dinner) then I get up feeling groggy. I don’t know the reason for this but high carb diets in the nights also now make me get up groggy.

I have moved to having more jaggery which has a low glycemic index and dark chocolates with more than 55% cocoa. Lets see how much further I can reduce the sugar intake.

Have you experimented with reducing your intake of refined sugar. What have been the benefits you have observed. I will love to hear your comments

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