Writer’s block – why I push my brain

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I have been writing a lot about why the human brain pushes us into states of anxiety, fear etc. Fundamentally as Steven Kotler says, the brain consumes more than 25% of all the body’s energy requirements and is designed to protect you, so tries to save energy for the day when it will be needed.

If you have noticed, over the last few months I’ve tried to ensure that I write a post everyday. One is because I realized a truth in what Joe Polish says that prolific makes proficient.

Each day however when I have to write, I keep coming up with all kinds of reasons why I should not write. You would have noticed I don’t have a huge vocabulary, as a matter of fact I only use the simplest of words. Most of the times I don’t have any fundamental research data. My posts are short which goes against the grain that blog posts need to be long to be considered “read” worthy. But I still write.

I have now realized that this resistance the brain throws up, that we call a Writer’s block is another way for the brain to conserve energy. By giving this resistance, or fear about the quality of the blog post, or the lack of enough data points, the brain is trying to dissuade me from writing. If I don’t write and give up, it will feel relaxed, because it now does not need to spend energy.

By not spending energy, its meeting its primary objective of saving my life, if the need arises. So now when I have to write my post, I don’t plan in advance, because then I find all kinds of reasons why my post will be useless. I rather sit down with my tablet or computer. Scan through my brain on what I had found interesting through the events of the day and then just type.

As I start taking affirmative action and get into flow, my brain also starts sending me data to incorporate into the post and before long, I have finished the post.

If you acknowledge the fear or resistance and just start doing things, it slowly melts away. Once the brain notices that there’s no threat, it also kind of starts supporting you in the endeavor and at the end of the activity you get a feeling of achievement like I do after write a blog post.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

Negativity – all around – count your blessings – take affirmative action

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The second wave of Covid19 in India is really taking its toll. To every person you talk there’s someone close to them who’s down with Covid19.

If we switch on the television, all it will talk about are the challenges with patients not getting oxygen, Politicians are at their best doing what they do , by blaming the ruling government for all the ills being faced.

I am generally a very positive person and try to find something which will give me a reason to be positive. But I couldn’t get myself to do that. All the conversations I had today had some tragedy about someone. I was not even being able to think of what I should write in this post.

But I started writing this blog and then started thing of all the blessings that I have in my life. All the reasons for me to be grateful that I can continue writing this post.

Then I thought I could continue to being a spectator or I could also help in some way. So I thought the government is facing a challenge in getting hold of oxygen. now I can’t make medical grade oxygen, but I can help the government in whatever small capacity in helping them get the equipment which can make the oxygen. So I went and donated money to the PM-CARES fund. I decided to stop just thinking but took some affirmative action.

As John Paul Dejoria says – and I am paraphrasing it – Success not Shared is worthless. If you don’t know who John Paul Dejoria is do a search on Google. He is a few billion dollars worth, but such a soft spoken gentleman, with absolutely no arrogance, who has contributed so much.

And suddenly the world is not so bad. Yes things are not rosy, but human beings have the resilience to find solutions. I am sure we will find solutions to handle this pandemic. I also did my little bit again today. I always feel terrific after donating money. I also believe in Karma and after donating I feel I have sent out a positive message into the universe.

What’s your view, please put in the comments section.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!