Keeping Commitments with yourself- Part 2

commitment, confidence, Habits, self esteem

Each time I read The Tiny Habits by B. J. Fogg, I  get more insight on how I can improve my self even further in termsof my habits.  I  keep reading a lot of books to see how I  can keep improving myself in various areas. Some of the insights that I gain, I also share with you.

If you see my earlier blogs, they were very erratic.  Sometimes every Sunday,  sometimes nothing for 6 months.

I reread The Tiny Habits about 6 months back and I also took a training in the Genius Experience with Joe Polish. That’s when I  took it upon myself to write a blog post every day.  These would be less than 3 minute reads, so you could read them while standing in the line for coffee.

When you keep thinking of writing something dramatic,  you enter a writer’s block, and you don’t write anything.

On the other hand if you know you can write even small posts, as long as you write, then over a period of time it will become a  habit and you will stop having a writer’s bl9ck

The other thing which helped me was a statement that Joe Polish made during one of the trainings – “it’s better to be prolific than perfect “

Once zi started doing this one day, then the next and so on, it became a habit for me to write about something everyday. By keeping the commitment to myself , to write a small post everyday, today I have reached a stage where I look forward to the time when I will write.

The happiness and increase in my self esteem due to this has been enormous.

When we increase our self esteem and therefore our self confidence eventually, we improve in all areas of our lives.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

Keeping commitments with yourself

commitment, confidence, Habits, self esteem

One of the best ways to lose self confidence and therefore self esteem is to not keep a commitment to yourself

Its easy to not keep a commitment to a third party and then try to rationalize the reasons. Sub consciously you lower your esteem there also.

However when you don’t keep a commitment to yourself, inspite of all the rationalizing, in your heart you know you cheated yourself and that hits your self esteem badly and your confidence as well.

You however need to be careful with making commitments both in terms of quantity and the type of commitments. Too many commitments is a recipe for disaster because you don’t have so much will power or motivation in a day.

If you don’t have the capabilities and you still make a commitment, you are bound to fail anyway inspite of your intentions.

I have found the book Tiny Habits by B. J. Fogg to be an amazing handbook to create small interventions which don’t need will power or motivation and slowly become part of your behavior. He has a very succinct formula which he calls the Fogg Behavior Model

B=MAP where B is behavior, M is motivation, A is ability and P is prompts.

As these small interventions start having an impact and you start keeping commitments to yourself, automatically your self confidence goes up and you start aiming for even higher without doing any heroics.

I have multiple posts in which I have recommended this book. If you have not read it, please do. It will have a major impact on your self esteem and self confidence.

Till next time then. Keep commitments to yourself first.

Carpe Diem!!!