Being prolific – start with your first step

Consistency, prolific

Evan Carmichael has had over 300m views on his YouTube channel and has made more than 10000 videos.

I keep writing about how it is more important to be prolific than perfect (a statement which I took from Joe Polish)

Evan started making these videos from 2009. So in less than thirteen years he’s made more than ten thousand videos or close to about 900 videos a year or 3 videos a day assuming he was taking one day off.

Now that is what prolific is. Due to that, today he has more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube itself.

I do know that he’s also an author but I don’t know if he’s got got other social media channels on other platforms.

There’s a positive feedback loop which gets created when you reach a critical mass. Evan himself mentions that in the first 5 years, since he started posting videos on YouTube, he had only 5000 subscribers and then in the next 5 years he crossed two million. Obviously he must have taken other steps as he learnt the game, to become better and better.

But you can’t become prolific if you don’t start with your first step. In the first two years of this blog, I found it difficult to post 52 posts, but subsequently I got into the rhythm and today I have been able to cross more than 400 posts. Not all posts are great. But the fact is that I don’t let perfect come in the way of being prolific.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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