Lead magnets…..different medium….different possibilities

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Marketing is applied psychology. So you need to figure out the strengths of each medium and blend it with human psychology to help you get leads.

In my earlier posts I have written about different physical and electronic media for generating leads. Today we will limit to seeing how you can utilize electronic media.

One of the key things about Google (including YouTube) paid search and to some extent Facebook paid search is the fact that if you can master them, you can can have the equivalent of thousands of sales people working for you, whenever someone is searching for something similar to what you offer.

So while you might show up because of the PPC, how do you ensure that people click on your advertisement first and then leave their email id, so that you can keep marketing to them in the future.

This is where the challenge starts. With PPC, if you have some smart people, you can get your advertisement to show up at a reasonable cost. But there’s no point if they come to your site and leave without giving you their email address. Then your advertisement has been wasted.

One simple way which I have tested after listening to Joe Polish and Dean Jackson on thir Ilovemarketing.com podcast is offering relevant reports. Why this works is that human beings are gatherers/ collectors. So when you are offering something which the person can collect right now and consume whenever they want, they tend to give their email ids.

Right now I have seen that offering this lead magnet using this psychology has worked on getting about 10 email ids a week. I am now working on seeing how to scale it up to see if I can take it to a about a hundred a week….Will keep you posted.

I would suggest mean time if you’ll can also try and give me feedback, in the comments section below, on your success or failure with this.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

Technology hypes – and fundamentals of marketing

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I have been through multiple technology hypes through the years. About 30 years back when the Unix platform first came out , it was said that Mainframes will be dead soon. They are still going strong.

When the public Cloud became prevalent, there was a talk that people will no longer have their own servers. That’s way away from the truth. People are still buying servers and actually building hybrid clouds.

With the advent of mobile phones, it was predicted that landlines will no longer be needed. Your broadband connection is still via the landline.

In all these cases was that the overall market grew, with multiple technologies running in parallel. The old technologies evolved to keep pace with the new dynamics, but did not lose their inherent characteristics.

All marketers of technology based products or services need to be fleet footed to quickly adapt their offerings to the changing technology landscape .

Even the media choices keep changing – there was a time when there was Yahoo and Altavista and then there wasn’t, there was Orcutt and then there wasn’t. In social media today you have Facebook, Instagram etc. While in search engines you have Google. If your marketing plan is dependent on one specific platform then losing that platform can hurt. But if your marketing is based on strong fundamentals then you can adapt your message to different media.

Print advertising and advertising on television is still going on eventhough everyone only keeps talking about digital marketing. The fundamentals of marketing will stay irrespective of the technological hype which people create from time to time.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!