Simplifying life – remove Apps from your devices

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I have already shared how I have tried to get back time by eliminating a majority of the alerts on both my phone and tab. After the initial anxiety, I have now got used to the fact that there won’t be any prompts. I go and check my messages once in 2-3 hours. Rest I don’t even bother. This has not only simplified my life to a certain extent, it has also meant that I can focus better with less disturbances

The next thing I have started doing on my phone is removing the Apps altogether. As a background, I used to get excited whenever I heard of a new “app” that I didn’t know about and download it. The Android play store has such a huge number of “apps” just focussed on productivity related stuff. Since I am always looking at methods to improve my productivity, I would keep downloading them.

Now two challenges- one they would fill up my memory. But more than that I was ending up working for the “apps” rather than the “app” making me more productive. So after the initial two or there days of usage, they would lie unused.

Using the 80/20 rule – I sorted all the “apps” that I haven’t used in 30 days and slowly eliminated them. Even now there are quite a few “apps” leftover and I am a little scared of removing them because some of them have a direct linkage to the keyboard and voice commands I use.

My ideal situation I think will be when all these “apps” can reside on one screen so that I don’t have to keep sliding the screens to find the application.

I have started having this realisation more and more that days are lost in seconds, not in hours. Most of us are conscious of the hours that we are using for doing a job or how many hours of overflow took place. But it’s in the seconds that we lose our day. A few seconds lost in trying to find this “app” and a few seconds lost there, slowly you end up losing many many minutes through the day, which aggregate into a lot of hours.

So try to simplify your life and get more clarity as well.

Till next time then.

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Do a brain dump…..reduce the nagging feelings

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I have over multiple posts written about how the Zeigarnik effect helps us. While there might be detractors to this theory, I know something like this exists because my brain keeps me alert on things that I need to get done.

While my brain does not remember all the things that I need to get done at a time, it does ensure that it keeps sending me the alerts if I am missing something.

On the other hand this effect actually keeps prompting you with feelings, for all the unfinished tasks, and eats up a lot of energy.The feeling of overwhelm also could be sourced to this phenomenon in my belief (no scientific proof of this).

You may have also had an experience like this. Whenever I go on a vacation or even for a two day break, for the first day or so, I am always having a feeling that there was unfinished business. I keep trying to rack my brain to find the source of the feeling, it dodges me, but the nagging continues. This nagging feeling makes me more irritable also.

This could also happen because the mind is pre-occupied with a lot of things. If you have a clear mind then, maybe you will get a signal on the exact item that the brain is pointing you towards.

II have found that a better way to handle the situation is to use the focus finder method of isolating yourself for 50 minutes ,which Dean Jackson has (You can search the video on YouTube) and dump down everything going on in your mind, on to a piece of paper. (This method is so good that after I do the brain dump, my mind gets so relaxed that I start feeling sleepy) This way the issues of nagging feelings can be reduced considerably. One day before you go out, just ensure you have ticked-off all the items on the list and you can have a decent break.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

Alerts are the new Apsaras

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In Hindu mythology, the king of the Gods, is a God named Indra. In his court he had some very beautiful ladies with magical powers. Generally the Apsaras were involved in entertaining Lord Indra.

Lord Indra is not part of the Supreme trio of Hinduism- Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv.

Lord Indra is depicted to be a God who is very insecure. So he is always worried if the demons will dethrone him. He also gets very insecure if any Rishi goes deep into meditation / trance and is able to get more powers than him.

So whenever he used to find any Rishi on the verge of becoming more powerful than him, he would send one of his Apsaras to perform their magic and somehow break the trance / focus of the Rishis. Once the focus is broken they will have to restart the process of acquiring the knowledge for which they had gone to meditate.

On the other hand the Apsara was given the target to some how seduce the Rishi and keep him from going to seek the knowledge which would make him more powerful compared to Indra.

When I was listening to one of the stories of the Apsaras yesterday, I realized that in today’s world, the alerts on our cellphone do exactly the same job. They seduce us and divert our attention and break my focus. Once my focus is broken, it takes me another 40 odd minutes to get back to focus and that too if there’s no other distractions.

Further these Apps try to keep me engaged as long as possible with some or the other offer or information. The longer I am involved with the App, the longer I am kept away from doing my work which can help me achieve my goals and become more powerful.

So since time immemorial distractions have been created to keep people from achieving the enormous potential they have. Today its technology that’s doing it.

Till next time then….let’s go for dreams.

Carpe Diem!!!

Alerts….how I am trying to break free

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On 7th Nov I had written a post on how alerts on various devices were disturbing me. I had not realized the amount of time they were taking away from me.

The alerts are short, but once you read the alerts and if there’s even something remotely interesting then my mind starts going in different direction….into the past…or into the future. The thoughts which your brain can generate are amazing. The worse thing is that because of the thoughts, feelings also change and I would sometimes also end up, feeling agitated. Once you you lose focus, getting it back takes an enormous amount of time.

So it was not the alert per se that was the issue, it were the actions afterwards which were problematic. Initially, after switching off the alerts , I actually had the feeling of a void and I was also anxious that I would miss out….the typical FOMO syndrome.

Soon however I got used to it. Now I just go and check my messages 3 times a day. If I need to get any update, I physically use the specific “app” to check, and then switch off the “app”.

By not letting the “apps” control my emotions, I am more alert to the things that I am working on.

Have I reached a stage of nirvana. No way. There are other distractions which keep occurring from time to time. Since I have such a strong tendency to get distracted I am always on the look out for ways to improve my concentration.

Let me know in the comments below if you have some ideas that you have used and got great results.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!