Simplifying life – remove Apps from your devices

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I have already shared how I have tried to get back time by eliminating a majority of the alerts on both my phone and tab. After the initial anxiety, I have now got used to the fact that there won’t be any prompts. I go and check my messages once in 2-3 hours. Rest I don’t even bother. This has not only simplified my life to a certain extent, it has also meant that I can focus better with less disturbances

The next thing I have started doing on my phone is removing the Apps altogether. As a background, I used to get excited whenever I heard of a new “app” that I didn’t know about and download it. The Android play store has such a huge number of “apps” just focussed on productivity related stuff. Since I am always looking at methods to improve my productivity, I would keep downloading them.

Now two challenges- one they would fill up my memory. But more than that I was ending up working for the “apps” rather than the “app” making me more productive. So after the initial two or there days of usage, they would lie unused.

Using the 80/20 rule – I sorted all the “apps” that I haven’t used in 30 days and slowly eliminated them. Even now there are quite a few “apps” leftover and I am a little scared of removing them because some of them have a direct linkage to the keyboard and voice commands I use.

My ideal situation I think will be when all these “apps” can reside on one screen so that I don’t have to keep sliding the screens to find the application.

I have started having this realisation more and more that days are lost in seconds, not in hours. Most of us are conscious of the hours that we are using for doing a job or how many hours of overflow took place. But it’s in the seconds that we lose our day. A few seconds lost in trying to find this “app” and a few seconds lost there, slowly you end up losing many many minutes through the day, which aggregate into a lot of hours.

So try to simplify your life and get more clarity as well.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!