Refined white sugar is not the deadliest poison…corn syrup is as much

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On 24th Jan this year I had written a post on how refined white sugar is such a major issue causing major issues. As I had written in that post also, I have been trying experiments on myself on eliminating white sugar from my diet. I am not talking of overall carbs,  just white sugar.

What I have noticed now after so many months of minimal white sugar,  that the day I  have sugar laden items like chocolate or cakes etc. I become lethargic.  Especially if I have them in the night, my next morning is miserable.

Most of us Indians have a sweet tooth, so we like to eat sweets after every meal or atleast once a day.

Now the latest reports that I  am seeing talk about people putting corn syrup in making sweets because it’s even cheaper than sugar in India even though it’s imported .

Now corn syrup is actually increasing your weight because it goes to the liver very fast and gets converted into fat.

So now not only are Indians having more cases of diabetes, they are also more obese than ever before. So while Covid is a pandemic which is visible and causes immediate impact, diabetes and obesity are slowly causing major health challenges which cause long term devastation.

So now not only do you need to monitor the amount of sugar in a food product but also the amount of corn syrup and fructose.

Till next time then….stay healthy.

Carpe Diem!!!