Losing hurts more than the joy of winning

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I have read multiple psychologists write that the brain always tends to get impacted more with a loss than an equivalent or higher gain.

Today I had a real experience with both the loss and gain at the same time,.

I had ordered groceries from BigBasket which is one of the e-commerce sites for delivery of grocery items. They have a very convenient mobile app through which I order and they come and deliver all the items. Unlike other marketplaces, where each item comes at a different schedule, the benefit is that everything comes together.

So I am not trying to do an advertisement for BigBasket. But there’s a relevance to the statements above.

So I had ordered a lot of items and the delivery boy started handing over each of those. This was early in the morning at 7 AM and I had just brushed my teeth and washed my face. Now within these items zi had also ordered 2 packets of buns. This item was more critical than all the others because I had to make breakfast for myself with those buns.

While this boy was handing over the items he handed me a box of chicken drumsticks. Now I had not ordered it. So I handed it back to him. But he insisted I keep because it was complementary. Just so that you get a relevance – this free item may be worth Rs150 or 2 USD. So I was happy to get a free gift early in the morning.

But because I had my breakfast in mind I had my eye on the 2 packets of buns. Otherwise I would have to go to the shop and get them physically….early in the morning that’s a pain.

Now my man handed over one packet of buns. Then he gave me other items and finished the delivery and asked me to check. I was agitated since I had got one less packet. Then the boy checked his delivery receipt and it showed 2 packets, so I got even more agitated. Again for relevance we are talking about a packet of about Rs19 or 25 cents US which had not come.

I was brooding over an item which was 1/8 of the free gift they had sent me. But my brain was seeing the negative that I would now have to go and get the item. For full disclosure, when the boy realized that there really was a gap, he immediately put it out in his “app” and BigBasket immediately credited the money into my wallet instantly for the one packet of buns which were not delivered. So it was not that I had lost money , it was just that now I would have to do extra work.

Since our brains are designed for survival, they always find the negative in a situation and remember it longer. So the extra work was what made my brain make me feel bad about.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

Delegation to automated systems

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I don’t know who said it but its true we waste our life in days not years, we waste our lives in hours not days and we waste our life in minutes not hours.

So our life passes us by every minute of the day if we are not mindful about it.

There have been times in my life, a lot actually when I was wandering aimlessly not knowing what to do and wondering why the day was not ending. When I look back, it seems so stupid that I would do something like that.

Another thing where I used to end up spending a lot of small amounts of time was in paying bills. The electricity bill would come on a different date and the telephone bills on different dates and so on. Every weekend, every month I would find myself busy paying out bills.

Then I heard from Tony Robbins about batching jobs to improve productivity. I tried that and did succeed to a certain extent but since there were different dates o be monitored, the onus was still on me to figure out when to make the payment, before the last date.

My bank then started the facility of doing automated payments for all my utilities. That has created a major difference because now I don’t even have to think about paying of the bills. The bank monitors the last dates and makes the payments. Since my mind now knows that there’s nothing for it to do it just does not bother. So the Zeigarnik effect does not come into play.

When you delegate to people, you have to keep track and monitor. You cannot absolve yourself of the responsibility of the result that has to be achieved eventhough you have delegated the work to someone.

Bu when you delegate to automated systems, you just don’t have to monitor. That’s the advantage of computers. Once programmed they will keep doing the work repeatedly until the system itself gets spoilt, which is very rare.

Amazon, Bigbasket and other similar shopping sites do a similar activity when they prompt you in your monthly grocery shopping, so that you don’t have to remember individual items.

Once you get these small things which eat up the “minutes” in your life every month, you are able to save so much time. However if you end up spending those free minutes just moving around aimlessly then you have lost the advantage.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!