Fear – our brain could be playing games – 4

Energy, Fear, Human Brain, Risks

Most people talk about how our brain has evolved from the reptilian brain over multiple millinea. Most other animals didn’t have the real estate in their heads to allow for their brains to grow and evolve. Human beings had the real estate and therefore we have been able to evolve. Zebras a hundred thousands years back looked exactly the same as they do today. Human beings a hundred thousand years back and now are totally different.

Now this evolution doesn’t mean that the oldest part of the human brain – the lizard brain – does not exist. It still does. As in lizards its main function is to preserve the life of the lizard. And it believes that it can do it by conserving energy. So whenever you take into a direction where it needs to expend energy, it dissuades you by giving you resistance, by throwing massive negative ideas at you to make you feel scared.

Yesterday I wrote about being fearless versus being reckless.

Being fearless does not mean an absence of fear. It means that when you see resistance, or when fear throws its head up, you realise that there could actually be something worthwhile in that direction. Its just one way for your brain to give you an indication that there’s something new, which it has not encountered before and therefore you need to take a judicious call and move forward.

Your brain is a habit forming, pattern recognition system. If it cannot see a pattern it throws up alarm bells that it will need to spend more energy to do work and therefore it should be avoided because it has to save that energy for your survival. Anytime you learn something new this is what will happen till the new becomes old.

Without being reckless, welcome the fear as a sign of progress for yourself and move forward.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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