Fear – our brain can be playing games – 2

Brain size, Energy, Fear, Human Brain

Today’s will be a very short post. I generally write based on what I have experienced during the day or what I have read and found worth sharing with you.

Two days back I wrote a post with this heading and its my thesis, I am not sure if there’s a scientific backing to the fact that its brain which plays games in making us fear things because it wants to conserve energy. For all those who have not read that post, the brain consumes between 20-25% energy compared to the remaining body while its sizeis only 2% of the body. The second point is that the brain believes that its first agenda is to ensure your survival and therefore wants to conserve energy for that rainy day.

Tomorrow I intend to be a going to a place which is little distance from where we stay. I have been there more than 50-60 times. But because of the Covid lockdown we haven’t gone outside our home location for more than 18 months.

Just this fact that I planned to go got my brain working in overtime in trying to show me all the reasons to not go and creating fear and panic.

This time however, I used this new logic which I have created and just asked my brain to relax. It did quieten up.

I will try more experiments like these whenever I am feeling a little scared and will let you know.

Meanwhile if you could also try this and let me know your results in the comments section below.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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