The tide will turn – once again

Affirmative action, confidence, Health

I had written a post similar to this about 8-9 months At that time we did not have the Covid vaccine. This time we have but still these are crazy times. When you hear thousands of people dying everyday, in the news, it’s natural to feel dreadful about your personal future. You can be fearful or you can be hopeful its a choice that you make everyday.

However history has had various events and the human race has adapted and come back stronger always. Whether these have been related to hurricanes or the plague the human spirit has always ensured that we survive. Eventhough across the world millions are getting vaccinated everyday, the virus is also become smarter and is mutating even more viciously. Let’s ensure that we maintain social distancing and bring down the compounded daily growth rate of the virus.

The tide will turn – Always

So during this time you could see all the problems, you could binge on watching movies and serials on TV and feel even more depressed.

Or you could think of what else you can do to brighten your future. This is not about just positive attitude. Its about affirmative action. The surfer takes advantage of the tide to get his momentum, the airplane takes advantage of the air resistance to fly.

Get prepared while you are locked down so that you can be stronger to face the future. Get trained – there are so many universities offering free courses. Or get trained on products – so many consultants, OEMs are offering free training.

We have a bright future ahead, let this “reset” time that nature has given us, not go waste.

Carpe Diem !!!

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