The negative effects of compounding – Covid second wave


I talk a lot of the magic of compounding and how it helps in various areas of life.

Last year in the middle of the pandemic I had written about how compounding was giving power to the virus and if we don’t bring down the rate then the virus will only keep growing forever. It will follow a pattern similar to the Fibonacci pattern in the picture.

Last year in most countries people exercised restrain on their own or the governments did lock downs to ensure that people maintain distance since that was the only way to protect yourself.

Suddenly in India in the last week or 10 days the virus has again started compounding at about 40% per day. Even though in most parts of the country over the last year we have built the necessary infrastructure, nothing can match the problems that can arise if the compounding takes place at this pace.

Eventhough we are doing massive vaccination at close to about 2 million people in a day, it takes time for the antibodies to build . But people have taken this issue so lightly that the virus has used this opportunity to make such a massivee comeback.

The only way to control this virus is to keep distance from each other because you never know who is a asymptomatic carrier of the virus.

To all the readers of my blog, pls stay safe in your homes as far as possible,

Till next time

Carpe Diem!!!

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