Lazy man’s guide to growing rich

Affirmative action, compounding, Financial Independence, Human Brain

Outsourcing in a lot of contexts is looked down upon. However by outsourcing the routine tasks that you tax your brain with can help you improve your decision making capabilities.

In addition by ensuring that you don’t use your brain, you can actually grow wealthy

Today I am going to be talking about forcing functions which take action irrespective of of your intentions – which the brain can sabotage.

Once you have outsourced the mechanism to invest systematically by giving your mutual fund the authority to automatically deduct money on a given date from your bank account, your brain no longer has to take any decision and you can just relax

We already have so many decisions to make every day that if we load one more , about investing the money, then the brain will fall back to default mode to take the decision some other day. Which if you had not guessed, doesn’t come any day. And life happens. And it happens to all of us.

We then feel bad and think we are procastinators.

Instead just take one decision with the help of your financial advisor and let your investments get done automatically and you will see your wealth grow. First it will not be appreciable but the longer you keep it, the exponential power of compounding will make its presence felt. And literary you don’t have to think about it. It will work whether you are sleeping or traveling

You can utilize this power of outsourcing brain functions in other areas also. I have asked my bank to pay my telephone and gas bills. So now my brain does not have to bother about the bills, their due dates etc. My bank automatically monitors the service providers and makes the payments and informs me. Since it makes the payment only on the due date, that money earns interest, till the payment is made.

This gives me more time and energy to do more high value tasks while I can be lazy about reaching my financial freedom targets.

Till next time

Carpe Diem!!!

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