Freedom of time

Affirmative action, compounding, Financial Independence, Habits

I have been crying hoarse over the last two-three years about getting financial freedom. How compounding can help you achieve your targets for financial freedom. I have also stressed the difference between financial freedom and becoming rich.

Financial issues are the biggest sources of tension in most people’s lives second only to health. If you are not sure of your financial situation, you cannot think of other things. The biggest lament of most people is “I don’t have the time”

However once you have a situation where you can be free from the pressures of finance, then you can start thinking of how you can make your life better.

Life becomes better when you are able to devote time with your family, go on family vacations, take time out to take care of your health . In all these things the common factor is Time.

While money can be replenished, time is one commodity which cannot be replenished. But when you are under pressures of finance, you don’t think in terms of the perishability of time and life happens and passes you by.

I still remember as if it was yesterday I was 35 and then suddenly I was past 45. Those were the most strenuous years of my life with respect to my financial situation and they just passed away with me trying to balance my accounts everyday.

If I had created my safety net the way I suggest to all the young folks through my writings, I would not have had to face those pressures. Once you have financial pressures your health also fails faster and its an avalanche effect.

So don’t worry even if you start small, let the magic of compounding of work for you so that you reach financial freedom faster, which help you get the freedom of time. Once you have the freedom of time there’s nothing which can stop you. The opportunities are endless.

Till next time then

Carpe Diem!!!

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