Good Karma

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I had been to South Korea alone in the mid-90s. At that time I did not know Korean and when I landed at the airport in Seoul, there were hardly any signs in English. I had to go to a town about 40 miles away. There was only one person at the tourist information center who knew English.

When I showed her the address of the location, she walked me to the bus which would take me in that direction, informed the bus driver about me not knowing English and where he needed to drop me so that I could move forward to my destination. I had absolutely no clue what was transpiring between them but I just had the faith that I would be fine.

After about an hour’s journey, the driver after dropping all the passengers drove on the wrong side of the road to stop in front of a cab. Then he got down, spoke to the driver of the cab and transferred my luggage into the cab and the cab driver took me to the hotel. And none of these people knew English but I reached my hotel completely safe. I won’t meet those people again but I still remember this incident which happened more than 20 years back. I still hope and wish all of them well after so many years.

I have had many such experiences in my life, some which I have shared with you earlier also. The reason I share is that universe has a unique way of giving back when you do good for someone. My father used to say – give and the universe will give back to you multiple times over.

You can call it by many names – it could be called good karma or tithing or plain and simple charity also.

I have been talking about investing (not saving) a portion of your money even before the pay gets into your hands and then let the magic of compounding work for you.

A useful habit to get good karma, is to ensure you donate a certain portion of your income before you get the salary in your hand.

Donating money and seeing someone become happy because of your contribution has a major psychological impact. I get a very happy feeling for the next few days, it seems like the world is such a wonderful place to live in.

Especially with all the negativity around us, whether it is Covid or it is the political messes or the inability to get vaccination moving systematically in countries – by giving to charity you tend to feel the world is still a decent place.

One of the key things, if you follow my blog regularly – you would notice is that I lay a lot of stress on spreading positivity. The world has a lot of reason to feel negative. If with my personal experiences, where the world has been of so much help, I can make one person less depressed or one person get a reason to get a smile then it would have served the purpose of this post.

Till next time.

Carpe Diem!!!

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