Losing hurts more than the joy of winning – 2

losing, winning

Yesterday I wrote about how one less packet of buns caused me more anguish than the joy of getting the complementary items which BigBasket had sent me.

I keep writing about the Gap versus Gain philosophy of Dan Sullivan. How its more important to see where you have reached from where you started and feel happy, versus, continuously chasing a moving target and feeling depressed.

After the delivery boy had gone, I started wondering if the situation was really as bad as I was making it out to be. Compared to not having anything to eat, early in the morning, I had at least received one packet of buns. Now I didn’t have to wait for the shops to open, before I would get the items to make my breakfast. I could atheist have my breakfast immediately.

I had also not lost any money, since the delivery boy had ensured that he had updated the shortfall in his system right there and I had got the return also credited into my wallet.

That’s when I came back to measuring my situation with respect to where I had reached (got one packet of buns) from where I had started (nothing for breakfast) instead of measuring against an ideal (both the buns packets being available)

When you think in this fashion, you stop being a victim and start feeling more happy. Try it and let me know your experiences.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

Financial Independence  – Happiness revisited

Financial Independence, Happiness

This post will move in two directions.  I have been seeing an advertisement on television where there’s a philosophical point being made by the protagonist about wanting money under any circumstance to enjoy life and her husband talking that money is not the only thing in life.

Its something similar to “money can’t buy happiness” or “money is the root of all evils”.  Like I mentioned earlier these are philosophical points with no end to debates especially in countries like ours where over the last 75 years people have seen massive poverty and are only now coming out of it.

Good Health and Happiness are very closely related. If you’re happy, you will generally be in better health and will fall sick less often. I have written multiple times earlier also that Happiness is not the destination,  its the journey.  We should be enjoying the journey and be happy.

Recently I was reading a book Gap and Gain by Dr. Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan.  In this book Ben talks about how long term toxic stress and unhappiness can cause your lifespan to reduce dramatically. He’s given examples of various studies to showcase this. They also mention how people with less toxic stress are able to fight infections better and stay healthy longer.

While not all causes of toxic stress are related to money, in a lot of cases , the lack of money causes discontent which leads to toxic stress. One of the primary reasons for divorce is also lack of Enough money, the operating word being enough, which is subjective for different people.

So while “money can’t buy happiness ” its the next best thing, because it can help keep a lot of the stress causing items at bay. So if you have money to ensure that your basic needs are met and you don’t have to struggle for the basic things in life, then you have less reasons to be unhappy. There will always be some people who will find reasons to be unhappy, but that’s another story.

When I write about financial freedom or financial independence I write from the perspective that you should have enough money so that your basic needs are met and that you don’t have to be a slave of money.

Till next time then….make money work for you and get financial independence.

Carpe Diem!!!