When will the tide turn

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The last 3 weeks in India have been dreadful to say the least. We have had an explosion of the Covid19 pandemic in the second wave.

Everyday we only see dreadful pictures and hear about near and dear ones who are either infected or someone close to them is infected or is dying.

Even though I am an optimist and the tide always turns, I am not sure if this is the bottom or we are still some distance away from the bottom.

While I am trying to utilize this time when we are locked in to read some intelligent stuff, which I am also sharing with you from time to time, I do get disturbed with information about my colleagues and their loved ones.

So while on books, right now I am reading the book Road Less Stupid by Keith Cunningham. A book with some really good questions already laid out to help you think about your business and therefore life. The positive about the book is that its not got lengthy chapters so you even if you get interrupted you don’t have to restart from a long way away. The best part like I said earlier is that he’s already laid out a lot of questions for us people to get our thinking process started.

Will share with you if there are some specific take aways that I got.

Meanwhile, I know the tide always turns, its just when will it turn now for the better so that all our people are better soon.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

Peaks and Valleys Part 2

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Continuing on what I was talking about yesterday, my belief is that circumstances are never going to be perfect all the time.  Tides change all the time,  so does every person’s luck.

I do believe that luck does play a very important role in every one’s life. Which also means that you can’t be lucky all the time.

However I also believe in Karma. So if you have a positive balance in your karmic account then even during your not so lucky days, you can get quite a positive outcome.

The other thing which I mentioned yesterday also is the ego of the person. Generally ego is all about me and mine. Everyone will give you that explanation.  My belief is that ego is when we acquire a fixed mindset or as Carol Dweck talks in her book Mindset, its not a mindset which is willing to learn.

Learning and ego generally can’t go together in my opinion.  To be able to learn, you have to be willing to have humility to accept that someone else knows more than you. You also need to have your mind open, if you want to learn anything.  Generally people with a large ego don’t have an open mind.

By its very nature your next peak will happen when you cross the valley and start your climb towards the peak. The moment you start your climb, if you are not going to be adapting for the unknowns, you won’t be able to reach the peak.

Effectively while luck will play a role in your progress, if you prepare while the tide is turning and keep your ego aside, then your chances of reaching the next peak faster are very high.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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