Saying goodbye to 2021

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It’s already 2022 in Australia.  In India we have about 3.5 hours to go before we ring in the new year. I was having a few perspectives as we do the countdown.

While things started of quite well in January this year, by the time it was April we got hit with the second wave of COVID-19.  It was lethal. In India,  with such a huge population,  the complete infrastructure of the health system was taken by surprise. The speed with which it infected people was amazing.

A lot of us, lost some near and dear ones during this phase and it was a very painful period.  I am generally a very optimistic person,  but if you read my posts of that time, you may see a person trying to fight the depressive times and sometimes not being optimistic.

But after June things changed almost like a V and we had a lot of positive things happening.

This year has thrown up a lot of learnings for me and my team. While we have generally been locked in for a major part of the year, we have also learnt to appreciate what we have available to us in spite of all these challenges.

We have also been working on how in the changed environment with  changed dynamics of human interaction we still do business.

I think all of us will come out stronger to handle the future better.

To all the readers and followers of this blog Wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year 2022.

Look forward to being of service in the new year with some more value adds.

Carpe Diem!!!


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My wife and I got my second dose of vaccination done today. I am feeling quite tired , maybe because of the impact of the vaccine, so this post will be small.

The COVID-19 virus has changed the way all of us live. I am not sure when we will actually be able to move around freely without a mask. Everyday we hear of new mutations of this virus.

Having said that my feeling is that if enough build resistance to the virus, it’s ability to survive even after mutating will keep falling dramatically.

So while the whole word is talking about the 3rd wave, if we can concentrate on ensuring maximum vaccination, we might be able to atleast bring things in control.

Not sure if we will ever get to take long distance flights without being masked. Not sure if we can enjoy popcorn in a theater again while watching a movie.

If most of us can get ourselves vaccinated,

I do understand there are some who are oppose vaccination quite vehemently because they are illetrate ,as in India, or educated people who have different ideologies. We have to learn to handle both and move forward so that the virus does not get a chance to further expand.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!