Puzzles for children- can create possibilities

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I was recently cleaning up a storage space in our house. I came across some books which my son had used at different stages of his schooling. Some of those books I gave away to my maid for her children.

There were a few books of puzzles, which were not used and then there a couple of books specifically for mathematical puzzles.

I started working on some of the puzzles. I had known about SuDoku and I used to enjoy the simple and medium difficulty ones. So I started with those. But then there were others like Kakuro, Hutoshiki, Heyawake and Mashu.

I tried my hand at Mashu initially but I got so engrossed that I didn’t have the time to go to the others I have listed above.

Mashu is all about drawing a pattern with one line which does not cross itself. As a concept this is very simple. But when you get down to drawing using the constraints that have been placed, it is just mind boggling.

Maybe as adults we get so fixed with our ideas, we don’t think of other possibilities. We use the same parameters to solve all problems. But children don’t put limits, hence for some of them these puzzles are literally “child’s play”.

I have still not been able to solve a single Mashu puzzle on my own without referring to the solution to give me a starting point. That’s how tough it seems to me. But it has also made me more humble and made me think ata few more ways now than I used to.

If you are fed up of your daily routine, try using the time you have spare and start solving puzzles, it will help you open up to possibilities for solving problems that you are faced with.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

Quarter Century

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This is my 25th post….. its been quite a journey over the last few months…..never thought would ever reach this figure.

First of all getting me started to take my own domain name and then take the WordPress subscription and then figuring out what to write was a major effort.   For the last 2-3 years that I have been wanting to take this activity but some issue or another kept cropping up.

I read blog posts and heard podcasts  from Tim Ferriss, I took a course with Ramit Sethi and I read others across the board but did not get the “ignition”

Even after taking the domain name and the WordPress subscription I wrote about four or five posts but after that I did not know on the topics that I could write.

Then I read Gary Vaynerchuk and one thing which struck me was he wrote and I paraphrase “why not first make a list of topics that you could possibly write on and then go on writing against each of them. If you come across something in-between you could add to the list”

I took Gary”s advice to heart and over the last few months I have consistently written whether it was a topic which was from the list I had made or there was a topic which I read in the magazine or a video I saw on the internet.

Even then sometimes I had a writer’s block and as I had written in one of my blogs couple of weeks back, it was the podcast from Tim Ferriss with Daniel Pink that got me started on just writing and things falling in place….now I am consistently started doing that.

I started the blog post with the idea that at some point of  time if I will be able to monetize it.  I will use part of the earnings to ensure that we are able to feed impoverished kids and enhance the life of women in India…..lets see when I am able to reach that stage.

The content of the blog was meant to be for young Indians who are at the age of around the age of my son, but what I found is that I have had more followers joining from countries as far as the US and Canada than from India itself.

Thanks to all of you for taking time to read my posts and liking them.

Till next time then….