Serendipity – Part 3


A lot of times we think of something and just by chance , you get a message related just for that.

I don’t know – how many of you have seen the movie Serendipity. If you haven’t, its a nice romantic movie about a person who believes in serendipity and the other who doesn’t but he is so much in love that he tries all means to reach out to her.

I use an android phone and on Saturday , I was thinking about deleting a lot of irrelevant photos which have been lying around and consuming memory in my phone. I have the “files” utility from Google, on my phone which I use to identify applications / files which are consuming a lot of memory. You need to know that I did not talk about deleting the photos with anyone. It was just something that was going on in my mind that I wanted to do on “some” day.

Yesterday morning when woke up and I was seeing the notifications on my phone, I saw a notification from “files” telling me that it had identified more than 12000 duplicate photos, which if I deleted, I could save about 605MB. I clicked not he notification and it actually took me to the photos where it showed me the original and the duplicates. I went through some of them randomly to check if by chance the Google algorithm could have made errors. But there were none, so I accepted the recommendations and Google cleaned up 605 MB of space for me.

Let me give you another example. You can verify this from my post yesterday. I had written about Dean Jackson’s fifty minute focus finder. however when I was writing about it, I could not locate the link to share it with you’ll.

I am on Dean Jacksons mailing list so I keep getting mail’s about his podcasts and other things that he keeps posting. Today morning when I opened my mail box, the topic of his mail was the fifty minute focus finder. For those who read my post yesterday and wanted to know what the fifty minute focus finder is, pls find the link here. I am posting it because as they say “it was meant to be” that’s why it appeared in front of me.

Now what would you call this?

For me this is pure serendepity.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

Serendipity – 2

Partners, Serendipity

A few months back towards end of January I had written a post on serendipity. Serendipity is defined as events which happen by chance in a happy or beneficial way , where you had not sought for or expected anything even remotely similar to what has happened.

I tend to think of serendipity also in parallel to chance and luck though they are technically different as per the literal meanings.

However I tend to believe that a lot of serendipity, chance or luck happens because you are “doing” things to get some result and then something totally unrelated happens and takes you in totally different direction which is even more beneficial. Most people – especially the “filmy” kind use this term with respect to romance. But I tend to see it happen so often in business that it ends up creating a completely new and beneficial set of opportunities.

I keep talking about seeking partnerships to help you build your go to market strategy in a low cost and high speed way. Last year we had done an event with a industry body in India. This event was targeted at the members of the industry body where we were seeking partnerships to go into that industry. We happened to put out the video we had created onto YouTube after the event.

Now see the sequence of serendipitous events which took place over the next 8-10 months.

One sales person of an OEM happened to see that video and connected to me via Linkedin and then contacted me. This conversation led us to build an application on top of the OEMs platform , which they were so amazed that they started giving us support to work further. Now this sales person also connected us to one of his other colleagues who asked us a question regarding the capabilities we had on another product of this OEM. At that point in time we had only a sketchy knowledge but because this sales person and the earlier one had suggested we invested in this new product and built a prototype from scratch.

Suddenly when we showed this prototype, all of a sudden there was “domino effect” or a “tipping point” such that not only was this OEM’s team taking us to prospective customers, but other partners in other geographies were also asking us on our capabilities in this area. To think about it, 3 months back we had no knowledge about this tool, and today we are talking to so many possible prospects.

All because one sales person happened to see our video on YouTube and decided to connect with me. I had no plans whatsoever of connecting with this OEM, even in my wildest dreams, but today we have so many proposals happening because of them.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!



Everyone has heard the cliché “all that glitters is not gold” but we still end up taking a lot of decisions based on the way something is shown.

Today however I have to tell you how accidentally decided to hear a podcast episode and it turned out to be such a revelation. Pure serendipity.

I have mentioned multiple times to you about the podcast ilovemarketing by Joe Polish and Dean Jackson. If you have any thing to do with marketing, you should listen to this podcast.

Anyway….to today’s story….I was actually intending to hear the episode where Joe Polish talks about his sabbatical. While going through the episodes list I accidentally pressed the episode with Chris Voss.

If you haven’t heard of Chris Voss, he was the chief hostage negotiator of FBI and has written the amazing book Never Split the Difference.

Coming back,  when I heard the first few words at the start of the podcast talking about the difference between assertive and aggressive and collaboration and cooperation I got captivated.

I love people who can give the nuances between words and know how to use the right word…. true wordsmiths

But as I heard the podcast further it had so much wisdom, that I was enthralled. I had no intention of listening to this episode when I had started Google podcast. but I got so much value listening to it.

Sometimes you are looking for something and you accidentally come across something so amazing. I would strongly recommend , that if you’re in any way involved in doing negotiations or love how human interaction can be improved,  you should watch this episode on YouTube.

Till next time….

Carpe Diem!!!