Personal differentiation

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This post was actually starting with nothing to write about. Suddenly a thought flashed across my mind.

I keep talking about continually marketing to your prospects and customers in the B2B space. It can be with your own products or with your partners’. But be in touch always.

But you need not always be making offers to your prospects or giving them more information.

Sometimes just a hand written thank you makes a more personal statement. In B2B selling, in most cases still, you need to have a relationship in place before you can sell anything.

As Mark McCormack used to say – all things being equal people buy from friends . If you have not read his book What they don’t teach at Harvard Business School and its sequel….they are gems. So much wisdom in such small reads

Which brings me to another thing which I have found useful to give, is a non-standard gift. Copies of paintings, books etc.

Sometimes your product has differentiation which is very unique. In most cases in technology marketing its rare. You create your personal differentiation in front of the customer by doing these small things

Some organizations do have a amount on the value of gifts that are considered inappropriate. You need to be cognizant to that. But within that you can be creative and give gifts which have a high recall value….sometimes much much higher than what your marketing webinar would give.

In B2B especially and otherwise also relationships matter. So keep working on that.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

Relationships in business

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A few posts back I wrote about Why time is not money and not all time is created equal.

In that part I had spoken about how time invested in building relationships can pay you multiple times over the time invested.

In every relationship and especially in business there are two things which I think are critical

  • You should first learn to give…..if its about only “you” then you won’t be able to build long lasting relationships
  • You need to be able to connect with your top 20-25 relationships every quarter so that you are in front of them as well as you can see how you can help them.

As Robert Cialdini talks I his book on Persuasion… human relationships “reciprocity” plays a very big role.

Most decent people are always looking to pay back when you have done something good for them.

Not to say that you won’t find people who are selfish. Those you will be able to make out and you don’t need to be “sucker” in such situations.

However in most cases once you do something for someone first, it automatically builds trust. In today’s world there’s a major Trust Deficit. So then by building trust you are automatically ahead of your competitors by leaps and bounds.

If you keep following this logic of always giving in advance and keeping in touch, you will build deep relationships which will help you in business over the long term

Till next time, keep giving.

Carpe Diem!!!

Time is not money…relationships are money

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Yesterday I  heard the  amazing statement above, that I could not stop myself from sharing it with you.

All my life I  have heard that time is money because it is one resource which cannot be replenished so you should use it very wisely.

I have worked on improving my ability to utilize my time and am continuously looking for ways to leverage my time. I stopped driving my car for health reasons, but now I feel that driving a car is not the best use of my time and I take a cab so that I can make better use of my time.

I delegate tasks to my team members so that I can work on higher value tasks.

Yesterday during the training from Ilovemarketing mastery program,  I heard the coach from Strategic Coach talk about this. She explained this concept so well.

All time is not equal.  The time spent in building relationships pays many times over compared to any other time spent.

As a matter of fact Richard Koch in his books also talks about this in the 80/20 rule.  While I have read his books but this time the way this coach explained was so awesome that it hit me.

Being in marketing I have always prided myself for the relationships I have cultivated but I realized after this training that I could have achieved an even higher level of success if I had built even better relationships.

Most of my success in my career has been because of the people who supported me and believed in me and therefore gave us business. My own capabilities maybe limited but these relationships multiplied those so many times over

See how you can spend more time on building relationships by first giving because as Joe Polish says Life Gives to the Giver.

Till next time.

Carpe Diem!!!