Getting better in increments

compounding, Financial Independence

Have you read the book Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh? Its a book about Zappos and how they went on to become such a great company.

The book has a lot of interesting stories about the journey and its a nice book to know the challenges they surmounted. Somewhere in the book, there’s a very small note which stuck to me for than 10 -12 years when I first read the book.

Tony says, if you were to improve yourself by just one percent everyday, one year later you would be better than the year before by 365%. This is pure compounding.

Its a simple equation, that’s why its stuck so well even after so many years. Its profound, like E=mc^2.

Is it easy. No way.

Inspite of knowing this equation have I been able to improve myself by 365% every year. Not at all.

Knowing is something, doing it is completely different.

Life passes in seconds everyday. The amount of time we waste in managing urgent things from the boss or customers eat up the seconds and before long, one more day ends.

This is the same story with our finances. Someday we think we will start our journey of financial independence…..then life passes and before we know it we are at a stage where we have spent our lives just paying off our loans.

Take your first steps get started today. Every journey has to start with the first step.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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