Scarcity or Abundance

Abundance, mindset

If you look at the news channels everyday more often than not you will see things that are wrong , with our world.

On the other hand if you see poor illiterate farmers are using cell phones in India and various parts of Africa. I was surprised to see a demo of how a fertilizer company has given a Voice BoT as part of their mobile application and farmers use it in their language.

Earlier when I used to go to get my haircut done at the salon, after the cut the barber would hold a mirror at the back of my head. Since there were mirrors in the front also, I would see the reflection of the reflection of the rear mirror. Now after the pandemic I have avoided going to the salons because there’s a lot of people. I use a local utility App and they send me a barber at home.

This utility app connects me to the barber because he’s also using a smart phone. After my haircut this barber now takes the photos of how he has cut my hair and shows me. I can zoom into the photo and get the finer details of my cut which I could not get before in the salon. Some people are looking at creative uses of what they (the smartphone) instead of thinking of what they don’t have (the large mirrors of a salon)

Another example of how semi literate people are using the smart phone to cut the time in decision making for closing an order. I was getting a chest of drawers being made. To close the laminate to be put, my carpenter didn’t bring me samples to approve before fixing it in his factory. Instead he saved time and money ( 1 hour in traveling each side and then the time to show me the various options) . He just sent me the photos of all the options he thought would look good and then asked us to choose. Zero cost.

There was a time less than a few years back when we used to spend about a dollar a minute to call North America from India. Today we do video calls virtually free. So much abundance.

The news papers and television channels would make you think the world is coming to an end, because they run a business. They need a higher viewership so that they get advertising revenues.

However if you look at the world around you, you will see so many good things happening. Become inquisitive about them.

Till next time keep an abundance mindset.

Carpe Diem!!!

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