Lazy weekend – nothing worth writing


Today I actually don’t have anything to write. It happens sometime to me when I have not focussed on anything in particular during the day.

This weekend I had taken a long weekend holiday and I just tried to give my body some rest. I have been working for too long without a break. These last 3 days I didn’t look at my official email. Luckily my office folks also didn’t give me a call. What that meant was that whenever I got an opportunity, I decided to take a break and took a nap.

Sometimes its good to just go blank. As a matter of fact Dan Sullivan talks that all entrepreneurs should divide their time into 3 zones and plan these well in advance. One of those 3 is time to recover by taking a break at regular intervals. One of the reasons that I want to become an independent entrepreneur is so that I can get a control over my time….at least I hope I will be able to.

When you do nothing, you give your brain some time to solve some problems in the background which it does not get an opportunity to do when we are constantly getting interrupted with the next urgent thing. This is what causes fatigue which in my opinion is a more brain related thing rather than a physical thing.

Anyway to cut the long story short……I didn’t have to tell anything today…..tomorrow I will hopefully put out a more sensible piece of content.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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