Karmic cycle in play again

charity, Gratitude, Happiness, Karma

I keep coming back to these topics of Gratitude, Karma, Charity time and again. Actually these things keep you grounded when things are going well for you and lift you when you feel low.

Sometimes the universe has a way to send things your way for doing good. Today has been a very specific example. India had gone through a very tough period during the second wave of Covid between mid April to June this year. Quite a few people lost their lives and a lot of families were left without earning members in their families.

Through those time I had tried to do my little bit by doing some amount of charity.

Today it so happened that out of the blue I got a message on my mobile phone from one of the ‘Apps” called CRED that I use. Its an app that I have been using for a few years now and I had accumulated more than half a million points. While the App gives us an option to use the points to get different items on discount, somehow, I could not find any item in the recent past to utilise the points and they had just been accumulating.

Today I was just thinking randomly and this message came, where I could liquidate a hundred thousand points and feed 12 people. CRED has tied up with a NGO to feed victims of the Covid pandemic. This was like a God send. I didn’t have any use for the massive number of points that I had accumulated and they were going waste.

Now those same points can get used to do good. Amazing isn’t it. Something which was a waste for me, now gets utilised to feed people. I get the benefit of feeling good and also writing about it, while hopefully all those people get fed meals by this NGO.

I immediately liquidated 500000 points so that 60 people can be fed. if you have the intention to do good, the universe finds ways to help you get the capabilities to do good.

My father always said, you give a small thing in charity and God will find ways to give you many times over. I hope God keeps giving me the ability to keep doing good even more often.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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