B2B Messaging – Part III

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Continuing from where I left yesterday you only have a fraction of a second before the person presses the delete button on your mail- assuming it even reached her.

To be able to do this, you have to be a wordsmith so you can continuously reduce the unwanted words and reorganize them so that the right nuance is brought out in your mail .

But even before that you have to think completely in terms of that person’s interests and keep your interests aside.

Assuming you have followed me up to now , you have segmented your market, then identified an economically viable niche and then isolated that one person who would seek you out

While I have stated all the assumptions in one paragraph, we have complete departments whose only job is to continuously figure this out and keep improving on the definition of the ideal customer.

But if you have done the above work, kept your self interest aside, placed yourself in that ideal person’s life you can list out a lot of things where you can directly touch a cord.

Within that, my experience in B2B has been that if you are selling something to a department which sits on the cost side then it always takes a longer time.

On the other if you sell something which can increase revenues then it moves faster. As Dean Jackson says everyone in an organization is entitled to bring in money but for spending money you have to cross multiple levels of approval.

So see how you can get your offerings to work for the marketing side.

Till next time.

Carpe Diem!!!

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