B2B Messaging -Part IV

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Today’s post is just to reiterate one single fact.

If you see the picture above, all those apps on the phone screen are to help you. But all those apps are also sending out push notifications to interrupt what you are doing.

Then there are the actual phone calls that come on the phone which interrupt the person reading her emails and after that she gets called into a meeting. Your email which had just reached before she got interrupted by one of the above, now becomes one of the 20 emails which she has to look at when she against starts looking at her mail.

Now look at the challenge for the email in the job that it has to do. The job of the email is to only to get a response from the recipient for you to start a conversation

But to that job,

  • It has to avoid all the Spam filters,¬† which can quarantine it.
  • It has to stop itself from being labeled a Marketing Mail and
  • It has to attract the attention of the recipient among all the distractions listed above and more

A lot of sales books I have read tell about the time of day and days when you should write a cold email. My team has tried a lot of these ideas in various permutations and combinations. I have not been able to figure out statistically if I can confirm or contradict these theories.

What I have however found is that the shorter the cold email is and the more focused it is, the higher is the possibility of getting a response.

If the job of the email is to only get a response for you to be able to start a conversation and your product/ service is clearly identified for a single target market then crafting the message will become a little easier.

Till next time.

Carpe Diem!!!

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