B2B Messaging- Part II

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Yesterday we spoke about the challenges when sending an email to a prospects.

Unlike consumer products,where you can build a large list of prospects with opt-ins, when you are starting off something new, you also have to buy lists. You have to send them cold emails.

As I have mentioned earlier also its always better to go to existing customers first with your new offerings or you should go to your partners’ customers with your new offerings.

Howevr whe you are working for a company, the pressure for getting more and more prospects into your funnel is very high and therefore sending cold emails becomes imperative.

Mind you, there are other media as well, like Linkedin which you can use. There’s however a price to be paid.

If you are starting out a new company or a new division of a company or starting as the new marketing head, then getting funding can be tough since any Paid advertising or SEO takes time to get you actual leads and a lot of companies may not have that kind of patience for giving you funding

So if you are in that kind of a situation email is the only medium which you can use.

But as we mentioned yesterday, the email has to pass through so many filters before it even reaches the recipient. After it reaches her mailbox, it only has a fraction of a second before she either deletes the mail or just ignores it.

Which means the message has to be so focused, simple and should not in any way even remotely look salesy. So all the fancy home emails are out.

On a mobile where the screen real estate is so small you cannot waste it on showing graphics.

The message has to be pure text and should look like it has been only written for her – the recipient. As Dean Jackson says it should be all cheese (only the customer’s interest) no whiskers (our interest)

Till next time..

Carpe Diem!!!.

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