Mind Control

Affirmative action, Human Brain

In my post on Unfinished Tasks – source of stress – I got a comment saying something to the context of ” I do write down things but thoughts still keep coming – what should I do”

My simple answer is I don’t know.

Mind control is something that humans have been trying to achieve for ages. Someone who can control the mind achieves nirvana. So I am nowhere even close to nirvana.

However as I had mentioned in my earlier post also if you can keep writing down the thoughts which come to you and do a mind dump then after sometime you will reach a stage where you will be able to concentrate on your work and get into the flow state.

I would highly recommend watching this 50 minute focus finder talk by Dean Jackson on Ilovemarketing.com. Watch it till the end. Its an amazing thing and I generally do it every Monday.

On the other hand I must confess that I am not able to do it everyday.

One of the good things – since I belong to the age when compute was very expensive – I have an ability to write with pen and paper and put my thoughts on paper. Most people today don’t have the inclination of using pencil/pen and paper. One of the advantages of using the pen and paper is that the hand and the brain are hardwired so when the hand moves to write a word it also gets mimicked to the brain sending a signal to the brain that the transfer has taken place.

See this video and let me know if it was of help. I look forward to hearing your comments

Till next time.

Carpe Diem!!!

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