Simple versus Easy

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Why am I getting into semantics. Most people use them interchangeably.

Simple however is not Easy at all.

I lead a team of sales and marketing people. And whenever we have a review and the people who are behind on target come back with various excuses for not being able to do things. Sales incidentally is a very Simple job.

You need to meet enough people to solve their problems, for which they are willing to pay. Simple statement.

However this is where things become difficult and are not EASY at all. How do you find enough people to meet who have a problem you can solve. Then starts the next item whether the person wants you to solve the problem for them. How do you ensure you are meeting enough people on a regular basis.

Most human beings believe that they will do some extraordinary effort and the problem will get solved before the deadline. Which does not happen. Magic rarely happens in nature.

In terms of the sales guys there are only 3 ways that a business can grow as Jay Abraham mentions – you sell to more people, or you sell more often to the same people or you sell a higher value to the same people. Now however if you combine the 3 ways, you can actually do wonders because of the geometry which comes into place. Again Simple but not easy. Because you need to take steps everyday, day in and day out to ensure you are doing these simple things. Which for the human being is not easy. That’s where most sales people fail.

Let’s take another example of simple versus easy.

Einstein came out with the simple equation – E=mc^2. Very simple equation where energy is equal to the product of the mass with the squared value of speed of light. However while most people – including me – can write this equation like above, we can’t understand its usage in real life. This equation however helped Einstein explain and build his whole theory of relativity. If you watched the serial Startek Enterprise on television in the 1980s, Captain Kirk and his team use to transport themselves from their ship to somewhere else using the same equation conceptually – by first converting mass into energy and then at the destination – back from energy into mass.

Another example of a very simple equation which is not easy to comprehend and for which I keep ranting in this blog.

The compounding equation – Sum=Principle Amount*(1+(rate of interest/100))^No of periods (years/days/months) – S=P*(1+R/100)^N

I myself did not realise the implications of this equation till 2013, while I had learnt it in grade 7, almost 40 years before. If you can learn to ensure that you are on the positive side of this law you will become rich even if you just keep investing small amounts at regular intervals for a long long duration of time. However if you think that someday you will be able to invest money and you will suddenly become rich, it’s a fallacy of the human mind.

On the other hand this same equation is used against you by the finance companies who give loans or credit cards. I shared in my last post some graphs of how credit card debt is one of the major causes individual bankruptcies and why people are never able to get out of education debt. I had been in this situation till about 2013 but took forceful steps to come out of it.

A lot of things in life are based on simple principles like I have shown above. However they become easy to follow only with practice/rigour/discipline. You have to keep doing the grind every day. The sales guys have to meet enough people everyday to identify if they have problems which we can solve. You have to work out everyday to ensure that your muscles don’t slack. You have to set up automatic systems which take out money from your bank account and invest them.

Left to your mind, it will always play games and make you feel that you will somehow suddenly be able to accomplish magic.

Keep at it. Carpe Diem!!!

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