Gap versus Gain

Habits, Happiness, life

This is a term I heard from first Dan Sullivan,  and similar  terms then from Vishen Lakhani and Benjamin Hardy.

All of us want to grow. My team members and I all have a lot of aspirations for the future. The challenge that a lot of them face because of which they don’t enjoy the journey is that they are always looking at the horizon.

The horizon is such a place that you will never reach. It’s a moving target. It’s unachievable.  That’s what gets us unhappy,  depressed etc.

When you drive a car on the road,  while your eyes are focused in the front, from time to time you look at the rear view mirrors to ensure that no one is coming too close to hit. When you look in the rear view mirror you also realize how far you have come.  So while the destination is ahead and you are driving towards it,  you also get to know how far you have come from where you were.

That’s the important thing that I learned from this term Gap versus Gain. While its important to be aware of how much is left to do, you can also from time to time look back and see how far you have come from where you started. That will cause you to feel happy in the progress you made from where you started.

Its just a perspective issue but it can make you happy and more focused for your future with renewed energy versus being anxious and depressed.

Till next time then, count your gains and make your journey worth remembering.

Carpe Diem!!!