Marketing Stamina & the Single Target Market – 3

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While consumer marketing is very tough, once you reach the right person, the decision making is generally quicker / simpler because there are fewer people involved. The other point is that within the consumer segment, there are few internal personal dynamics / hidden agendas in play.

In case of the B2B segment, even after you have reached the right people , you are unsure when the priorities change or a new person comes into a role and she scuttles the whole deal. A typical situation which has happened to me multiple times is that we are working with the department which will use our services. Multiple people from that department are involved – from gatekeepers to decision makers. Over the years, we have realised the fact that procurement and finance, do need to get involved, so we check with the users when those departments will take part in the discussion.

A lot of times even the legal gets involved, so we push our prospect to even get these folks checked out. So we have put a check mark on most of these points. By being focussed on the Single Target Market we understand most of the issues and processes and have fine-tuned our approach accordingly.

Now comes the surprise – while we have checked out all the departments and we have crossed all the “t’s” and dotted all the “I’s” with everyone, we suddenly find a new face who has recently joined the company in a new role and he is asked to attend the meeting in which we are discussing the final aspects.

Suddenly this person opens her mouth on some aspect and now, everyone is in doubt.

Now you have to ensure that all the doubts that have been raised get sorted. Until then the deal does not come your way.

If you don’t account for these kind of delays, which happen all the time, your budgets can go haywire. This is where having enough marketing stamina, helps keep you afloat and hunt for new customers while deals close.

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Marketing Stamina and the Single Target Market

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Marketing stamina is all about being able to last out in a market, while you take time to get in and dominate.

The single target market is a starting point within a market niche which you aim to pick up and dominate till you aim for the next one.

P&G or Unilever both have products which wash clothes. But they have an independent brand Tide / Rin ( P&G / Unilever ) which washes clothes white and Ariel / Surf ( P&G / Unilever) which removes stains from your coloured clothes.

Such large companies with massive marketing muscle, still go after one market at a time and generally create different brands to ensure a clear differentiation.

But the clearer objective is to concentrate all their energies to target one segment / one niche / single target market. By concentrating all your energies to focus on just that one market, you don’t divert your energies in trying to be everything to everyone. What that ends up doing is giving you more freedom rather than constraint to think creatively about various ways to meet the customer.

Since you only have to focus on one set of prospective clients, you then find the most convenient and cost effective ways to reach out to them and find the best messages which resonate with them, resulting in quicker market penetration. This means your funds which you budget as part of your market stamina can last longer and you have a much higher chance of success.

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Lead generation in B2B – 4

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While we are on using social media for testing the campaigns, for the last 2 posts,  one more thing you need to keep in mind is geography.

Different social media platforms and other PPC search engine platforms like Google have different pricing mechanisms for local, national and international markets. If you will start your testing from a broad geography, then you could end up paying a much larger amount for doing your testing.

One major challenge with social media is that costs can go out of control very fast. This is where starting with a Single Target Market helps. You can choose a very small segment of the market and then niche it further to ensure that you can do changes quickly and then roll out on a national or international scale.

With PPC advertising on social media the second challenge for B2B marketers is to get official emails. As I have mentioned in my posts in this series, earlier, until you have the emails, of people, you don’t own the information. But when people, raise their hand or subscribe to whatever lead magnet you have chosen, they generally end up giving you their personal emails.

So while you have got the information about the person and you can start sending information to her, you won’t know her company details and her designation.

That’s where you will need to figure out a way for her to give you information. This will make it a multi step process. While there are a lot of coaches who talk about social media advertising, very few talk about B2B related successes because of this challenge.

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Budgeting for Marketing Activities – 6

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In this last part I would like to take a very short comparison between different types of media and what needs to be kept in mind. I am not an expert on the different media and their costing methodologies. You would be well advised to look at some experts , especially if you intend to go the online and social media way.

So I will start with the physical media like print ads or physical letters or events. The positive about these is that once defined, the prices more or less are constant. So from a predictability perspective this is good. On the other hand, you only come to know the response to your ads or events after the whole thing has taken place.

So if you have targeted to do an event for 100 people and on 10 come on the day when it’s planned, the event has failed and you have spent all your money which was budgeted. So testing with physical media is a lot tougher , time consuming and expensive.

On the other hand with online and social media, you can do simultaneous testing of various ads and also put a limit on your spend while doing the tests or while running the campaigns. You can also stop an advertisement after running it for just one day on most social media platforms.

The downside with social media is that you don’t understand the algorithms that are running behind the selection of the people to whom the ads are being shown and when the site will change the rules / algorithms. So you are at their mercy. However if you have a diversified mix of social media sites giving you results then the whims of one particular site will not impact the business too much.

I hope you gain from these quick tips for doing a budget. Will look forward to hearing your comments.

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