Execute….and you can change trajectory

execution, ideas, Marketing

I keep writing various things on marketing and sales – generallyfor B2B, personal finance and human performance.

My experience has primarily been in B2B marketing- providing industrial automation solutions, then IT and now some amount of media related work.

I was talking to a close associate on the weekend and she raised a point asking if the blogs I write can actually be applied by all kinds of companies in any of the industries that I have listed above .

I believe, except for pure start-ups, with whom I have never worked, if you even have a few customers then, what I write should definitely help you in your marketing and grow your business significantly.

But I can only give you ideas, at the end of the day, its how you take those ideas and execute that will determine your success. A lot of times when I am taking coaching or listening to podcasts, I get a lot of ideas going on my mind, but till I don’t execute them, I don’t realize the challenges that come up. So while these coaching calls are interesting , it’s not useful until I execute.

So while I hope you find my posts interesting, they can be useful only when you use them and then give me your comments, whether things worked out or they didn’t.

Till next time then….keep executing.

Carpe Diem!!!

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