Execution – the key to success of any endevour

execution, ideas

I am a big picture person. The guy who gets ideas. The guy who can construct a solution by seeing both inside and outside the box. I am the guy who can identify the ideas that need to be executed.

My blindspot is execution. I have to exert immense amount of concentration to identify execution challenges.

However, a big picture is very good to show how the puzzle will look like when made. However someone really needs to put the pieces together to make the picture. The more the pieces of the puzzle the bigger is the challenge from an execution perspective.

When you are in a corporate environment, it is the slippages in execution which cause the biggest problems. And these are not big slippages which can be observed easily. These are small, almost unobservable things which go unnoticed and then you suddenly get a surprise.

Today two such things happened – due to which this topic came on top of my mind. One was that someone was to load money into a prepaid account so that Google Ads would function and the second was because someone was to give feedback on a resume submitted and he didn’t think it was important to give that feedback to the right person, we lost 2-3 days in the process.

On the face of it, these are such small issues. But like the saying goes ‘you waste your life because of the seconds you waste”. Same way when you add up all the misses that happen in a year, the cost is a few months of revenue lost.

Like I said I am a big picture man, so getting down to identify why something missed target, takes an enormous amount of energy and diverts me from my strengths which is marketing. But when I start identifying the causes then I like to really go down and identify the root cause.

Ideally if you are like me, a big picture person, you should ave a team of executioners who complement you and ensure that the big picture is made. They are the guys who site with checklists to ensure that things get done at the end of the day.

And they should monitor the laggards in your team so they perform. If inspite of monitoring the laggards don’t perform, they should be thrown out. There’s no point in carrying dead weight around.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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