Single Target Market and the Life Time Value

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I came across the concept of the Life Time Value from Jay Abraham while reading his book, Getting All You Want from All You Have. It was a very intriguing book name and I couldn’t end up not buying it. Since then I have read it multiple times to find new ideas and ways of thinking.

The Single Target Market concept,  I have learnt primarily from Dean Jackson. The advantage of this concept is that you can get to focus all your energies on just one segment of the market at a time and then Dominate it, before moving forward to the next Market.

Each entrepreneur,  product manager, marketing manager has multiple markets, that they can focus on and it is counter intuitive to focus on only one.

The reason I keep coming back to discuss on the single target market time and again is because I  use it myself and find new applications for it when analyzing different businesses.

A good way to analyse the relative economic values of each market and then choose the one which is the most lucrative. So if you knew what’s the life time value of a  customer and you knew that you had the potential to pick up at least 30% of the market then you could take a call on how you could go about investing.

So let’s take a B2B example where the Life Time Value of a customer is say $100000/- at a Gross Margin of 30%. Now let’s  assume that there are a total of 1000 potential customers in the segment you have chosen. The bottom 20% will never buy from you.  That leaves about 800 prospects.  Out of these 800 some are in pain right now, some will get into the pain stages over the next 5 years.

So your potential market yield could be $80million over 5 years or a gross margin of $24million. If you can earn $24 million what would you be willing to spend to get these customers. If on the other hand the other market segment can only do $80000 LTV per customer at a GM of 25% then the potential yield of this market is $64 million at a GM of $16 million.  So how much can you now spend to get the $16 million.

So that is the combination to help you choose which is the most promising market for you to enter.

If you have any queries, please raise them in the comments section. I would love to hear them.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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