Financial Independence, meaning, Sales

I have used this term a lot of times. My understanding of the term was that it meant a fundamental principle. So for sales in B2B, especially in the technology domain, you need to be making calls on the customer. If you don’t make calls on prospects, you can’t get sales. Investing is the bedrock for financial independence.

However the actual meaning of bedrock is that it is solid rock lying below loose soil.

Why is this important.

It seems a bedrock can give out the history and evolution of that place. So as per National Geographic – the southern part of the state of Indiana in the United Sates has exposed bedrock while the northern part of the state of Indian has metres of soil below which the bedrocks exist. What that means is that it gives the geologists the ability to determine till what point did the glaciers exist in the Ice Age. So when it became warmer, the glaciers started melting and the water started interacting with the rock below and cause the rocks to break over hundreds of thousands of years to create soil. On the other hand since there is no soil and the bedrocks are directly exposed, the glaciers did not extend till the southern part of the state.

When space crafts land on places like Mars or on our moon, they actually collect these kind of samples to see and determine the age, the chemical reactions that the rock/soil have undergone and then determine if there was water , life etc on that celestial land.

I couldn’t imagine that the word which was part of my everyday vocabulary had such a major geological meaning behind it. The whole space program of many countries and now private parties is to find if other planets have life or can be inhabited. For anything to be inhabited, there should be an ability for life to exist. Life exists if there’s water among other things. Studying the bedrock you can estimate if water ever existed and if so how long back.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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