Technology Adoption- Part 2

Product Management, Value, value proposition

In my last post I spoke about the different kinds of resistance when you take a new technology product or service you take to the market.

Today I will talk about how the product management person will have to keep the “value” issues related to adoption.

If your company is seen to be a price leader in the market then you cannot come out and position a product under your company’s brand as a premium product. 

Never create a confusion in the market. Your product or service may have the best features and benefits,  but if it’s perceived as expensive and you are the price leader then it will not get any traction.

There are two ways I have found companies solve this issue.  They create a  new  company or create a completely new brand. To create a new brand is a very expensive affair and companies have to ensure a long branding strategy for this.

The other value position in the technology world is related to product innovation.  If you’re seen as a  innovation leader then you have to ensure that each new product you come out with has a WoW factor with it.

On the other hand if you’re products are seen as unreliable then you have a major challenge to be able to show value.

So we need to keep the customer value perception always in mind if you have to get your product successful.

Till next time then.

Carpe Diem!!!

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