B2B Messaging – getting the message delivered

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We do a lot of testing continuously on the messaging that we send and we have observed that more that 90% of the times the messaging does not get a response the first time.

We have to continuously keep making changes and do iterations to figure out “what’s working”

If you however analyze the key things whenever you don’t get a response even after sending a sequence of mails, it would boil down to the following :

  1. We have not identified the pain point of the customer and therefore the messages are not resonating
  2. We have not identified the right person
  3. Our mails are not reaching the right person

For each of these one of the key thing is to segment the market so well to begin with, such that you can identify all the possible pain points and then test them.

Similarly if you have segmented the market well and niched it by usage as well, then you should generally be able to hone in on the function which is impacted by your services, quite well. However sometimes in B2B scenarios the challenge is also there because roles may be ill defined or there might be shadow responsibilities. So while there might be a CISO in a company and they may be the public face, the decisions are taken by the CIO or CFO. If you have selected aa small segment then these kind of patterns start coming up and you try to verify the data in advance or send to all the possible functions.

The third is on the deliverability issue if you have the mail id of the right person. I have mentioned this in my posts earlier also. The spam filters block anything which even smells like a spam message or will stamp it with a “marketing mail” stamp. So your message needs to reflect the pain in the least amount of words so that the spam filters think of it as a genuine conversation.

Lastly while email is the lowest cost mechanism to connect, it also has the least efficiency. Due to Covid a lot of the methods to send direct mail like letters and post cards has become tougher to deliver with so many people operating from home. On Linkedin, people may accept your connection request, but if they find that you are trying to sell them anything then they withdraw. So we are stuck with only using email.

If you’ll have come across any better delivery medium for your message, please share.

Till next time.

Carpe Diem!!!

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