B2B Messaging – sequences – Part II

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In my last post on this topic,  I had written why its important to follow a multi sequence strategy in B2B messaging because of the inertia that people have because of the organizational structures they work in.

I had also spoken about how to put a wedge of dissonance and work on that.

In the technology area which I specialize in,  the other reasons for inertia are because people don’t know if the technology is just a passing fad or is it going to stay. So people want to see evidence that the technology you are talking about is getting adopted.

In addition to the above the next item is related to things on the “infrastructure ”  a term popularized by Regis Mckenna in his book relationship marketing.  This is quite an old book, so some of the technologies listed would seem obsolete,  but if you are involved in technology marketing then the concepts listed are very worthwhile.

The “infrastructure ” would relate to things like do we have the skills and capabilities, will we be able to adapt it in our environment. 

None of these things will change in a few messages that you send. You will need to keep driving the wedge deeper and deeper,  you will need to share success stories to help reduce the fear and figure out ways to be in front of them when either something goes wrong or there’s a new boss who arrives and wants change to take place.

However because you are relentless in reaching out,  you also become a fixture in their mind. I remember a customer who gave us a managed services order after more than a year of follow-up,  telling me that she had got so used to seeing my letters on her table every month that she had to call me when they thought of outsourcing.

That’s when you take your opportunity and strike and do a fabulous job. As I mentioned in my last post also, it could take you sometimes more than a year to make things happen.

Needless to say,  you can’t do this if you’re broad based in the beginning,  because the economics and bandwidth both will be an issue.  If you have identified a niche and then you do this, then its feasible otherwise its not viable.

Till next time.

Carpe Diem!!!

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