In marketing Less is More – quite often

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If you have been observing the posts I have been writing,  in the last few weeks, you would have noticed one common traits.

I have been asking you to continuously reduce and sharpen your focus.

In the marketing focus I spoke about identifying a single niche which is small enough  for the big players but large enough for you to focus. So we eliminated all the remaining markets/segments and isolated a minimum viable market to start. Once you become successful in one, then you can move to the next segment and so on.

In the B2B messaging that I have been speaking about in the last few days , again, I have insisted on you sending a message which cannot be made shorter for conveying the information or problem. Once you can start the conversation with the recipient, you then have enough time for discussing about the various services that you offer. But there are so many distractions and complexities in our lifes, that if your message will look even slightly complex people will ignore you.

Its very tempting to try and grab as much as possible in the market, to write as much as possible in your message, but that is the sure shot way to not get anywhere in marketing .

Like the master piece sculpture in the picture, if the artist had not chiseled away the unwanted stone, you would notice this sculpture. Similarly for your market remove all the things which reduce your focus.

In marketing , most of the times , Less is actually More.

Till next time.

Carpe Diem!!!

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