Breathing – core to your health


This pandemic made everyone look for various ways to build immunity.

I ended up watching a lot of yoga with Baba Ramdev teaching various Asanas and Pranayams and then I read one very good book by James Nester called “Breath”

James Nester has done such an amazing amount of research on the science of breathing which has been known to man kind for thousands of years. He’s done so much elaborate work on himself as well on various breathing techniques from across the world. I would highly recommend you read this book.

This book made me realise the massive amount of research which our ancestors in India had done over thousands of years and made me feel very proud of being an Indian. Before that I used to do the Pranayams that Baba Ramdev used to show without thinking too much about it.

The good thing about Baba Ramdev is that he explains very simply the reason behind each specific Pranayam and why you should do it. After I read Breath, the explanations given by Baba Ramdev on the meaning of the Pranayam’s which he suggests, became even more clear.

As you grow older health issues start cropping up and realising that breathing can reduce the impact of ageing has made me a big fan of doing various kind of pranayams daily once in the morning and then during the day if I am feeling low I do Anulom Vilom which is all about breathing alternatively through opposite nostrils.

When I have had a heavy meal to digest food I breathe concentratedly through only my right nostril which builds heat in my stomach .

One statement from Joe Poslish’s friend Christian Cotichini has had a major impact on me ” Those who have their health have 1000 dreams; those who do not have their health, have only one”. And as I have written multiple times in my blog earlier I have a massive bucket list which I have to achieve. So I have very seriously begun looking at breathing to keep my health stable.

Let me know your experiments on health in this lock down.

Till next time….

Carpe Diem

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