Soorma and life’s lessons

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Today I saw this movie Soorma which is based on the real life story of the Indian hockey player Sandeep Singh.

I had not known the actual story of what had happened with Sandeep Singh in real life and the the life threatening situation he went through.

What this film also brought out was the fact that if you have a skill which determines your income, your possibilities in life & your status in life and if something hurts that skill your whole life can get shattered

Life comes with its own ups and downs and everyone has to go through them…. What matters is the people who come out of these ups and downs with grace and dignity.

I was telling my son the same thing today after watching the film.  I have also had a situation where I was clinically dead and no one in my family knew about it because I was in Bangalore at that time.

It was the people around me & the crew in the aircraft of Indian Airlines (now Air India) who showed the presence of mind and immediately took me out of the aircraft in Bangalore and took me to the Columbia Asia hospital where I was revived.

It was the colleagues in my office in Gurgaon who sprang into action on that 18th July 2008 evening and organised everything once they came to know about my situation

At the end of the day when there is no family or friend around and still the world helps you, without any compensation, it just shows that you have been blessed with so much.

So it is imperative that we ensure we do our good deeds at all times without bothering about the return because at the end of the day the universe pays you back multiple times with all the goodness

This blog post has nothing to do with finance but it’s an even bigger thing about earning blessings through whatever good we can do, because irrespective of how much money you have , it’s the blessings that you have earned on your way that help when no one knows you and the amount of money you have, but still help you.

Do good &  May the force be with you!!

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