How women in India are already changing the consumption landscape of India

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Couple of posts back I had written on how the impact of ladies coming into the workforce will change the whole economy in India.

Over the last 2-3 weeks after writing the posts I noticed a few trends which I wanted to share.

I happened to go to eat at Pizza Hut in Connaught Place, New Delhi last weekend. My wife loves the pizzas there. There were at least four sets of girls only groups who had come to eat there. It’s quite common to see boys and girls in some restaurants, it’s quite common to see families in restaurants but on that one afternoon I saw at least four different sets of girls come and have food there. And its not they were there just to have a quick meal.  They were out there having a good time and had ordered quite an elaborate lay-out.

The week before that in the PVR at Logix Mall in Noida I had gone to see a movie and in the IMAX screen there were nothing less than at least 7-8 girl only groups who had come to see the movie.  The reason for pointing the IMAX is that it has I think the most expensive seating out of all the PVR screens.

And the last was the visit to showroom of Maruti cars – this was there Nexa showroom. Out there were women, who had come with their husbands or families to select the cars, what was astonishing was that it was the women who were signing the documentation for car leases or giving the cheques

Now on the face of it none of this has any significance.  People in general and women have been going out to have lunch or to meet friends or going to movies.  What is significant however is that all these things that I mentioned above were happening at above average locations or at places which are probably considered premium and in “ladies paying” situations.

When I started doing some fishing around to see if these trends are observed at other places I also came to know that there are high end bars who offer “women only” nights, on somedays of the week.  Premium lingerie ads are all over the cyber city corridor on metro pillars in Gurgaon.

If Indian women are empowered and are going to be spending at such premium locations whether it is to buy cars or to have pizzas or have wine then it suddenly throws up so many opportunities for someone who would like to just sit back and passively watch their income grow

If there are funds or there are companies who are going to benefit from this consumption boom which is taking place in metros because of Indian women, then those investments well grow dramatically fast

So from a pure selfish interest I think we males need to figure out ways to empower women to grow so that when 400-500 million women in India come into the workforce people who are invested in this consumption theory for women will get dramatically rich.

Carpe Diem!!!


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